Letter from a 5yr old

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    My BF had a bad day and so did my daughter. As we all do he lost his patience and needed sometime to himself. My daughter was hurt and wanted to make something for him so he wouldn’t be sad anymore. So we wrote a poem (as in me) about how she felt. This is how it went:

    I’m 5

    I know sometimes I yell and scream
    And I always want my way
    But please remember 5 yr olds sometimes have a bad day

    I know I know everything
    But I love to make you smile
    Sometimes I just need a *hug* every once in a while

    And when I refuse to clean my room
    And eat my dinner too
    I know you get annoyed
    And need some time to you

    Just because I know it all
    And I’m very big and tall
    Sometimes I want to be a baby again
    I want to have it all

    Bed time is so hard for me
    Going alone is new
    I just want someone cuddly
    Maybe someone like you

    But every time I make you mad
    And you think you have had enough
    I know sometimes I don’t listen
    And can make things very tough

    Just remember why I prayed to Jesus
    For a Daddy just like you
    Remember that I love you
    And for both of us this is new

    It’s going to take time and effort
    To make everything OK
    Please remember just like Daddy’s
    Clara’s have bad days

    So when we have bad days as parents I hope we all remember this poem.


    thats a nice poem


    thats a really nice poem i think it will help alot of people out, it made me think and im not even a mum, very nice


    Aww, I love the poem so much! It’s so sweet. It’s nice of you to take the time to help your daughter make it. (as in you made it.) 🙂


    That is a very-very nice poem/letter. I appreciate it, and I think others will and should also!




    I love that poem.


    What a wonderful poem. It made me cry. May God Bless You All.


    that is the sweetest thing i have ever heard


    that is sooo sweet…i read it twice

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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