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    I am currently 4 months pregnant, and I am 16 years old, living in Michigan. Up until now, everything between my boyfriend and I and our families has been fine. Once everyone accepted the idea, they started getting excited, buying baby items and such. My boyfriend and I are closer than ever, and we never have any problems. He is 17, and he is unbelievably supportive as far as appointments, money, baby shopping, etc. We’re both pretty excited about the pregnancy now. Anyway, he lives about an hour away. Because it’s summertime, we are able to see each other three or four days a week. However, my mom recently exploded on me, telling me how he is such an awful person, and making up a lot of information such as he’s using me, wasting my time, and he’s going to leave me. None of this is true at all. He is never rude to her, and he is always making sure I’m okay. So then a couple days ago, my mom turn around is like, “He’s not coming over anymore.” Then yesterday, I find out she’s moving back in with her ex in Tennessee. (Again, we’re in Michigan.) My closest immediate family members- father and grandmother- live in Texas and Arizona. My mom simply refuses to understand how unrational she is being taking me away from the supportive father and his family of my unborn child. My mom lives on welfare and refuses to emancipate me (I asked in order to receive 40 hours of work a week due to minor work laws) because if I am emancipated, she will no longer receive her welfare benefits off me. The legal age to move out is 17 if you remain in school here according to police stations and websites. However, I will not be 16 for another two and half months and she is determined to leave. What can I do? I cannot handle being taken away from my boyfriend and his family. They are my major support system for this pregnancy. Can I leave? I am an excellent student (3.9 GPA on a 4.0 scale) and I have a steady job working the maximum hours legal for minors. I am clean and have never touched drugs or anything like that, and I am very responsible. I do not trust my mother with or around my child, as she has never made good decisions with me or her financial affairs. I don’t want the cops or anyone else to consider me a runaway, when obviously, that is NOT the case. I will be staying in school and keeping my job, but I just need to leave my mother. Say I went to stay with my boyfriend’s family: could the cops take me home or arrest me? I do not want to get in legal trouble but I cannot take all the stress and strain on my pregnancy or emotions. I need my boyfriend, and my mother is being rediculous. Please, please help me out. I cannot find any valid information to help me out online, and I know no lawyers or anybody like that.

    Thank you,


    Well, it seems you are trying, but (this is not legal aadvice, in any way)if you are under the age of majority and you have not been emancipated, if you leave, your mother could file a report that you are a run away. This is a tough one; just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can leave her “care”. When you asked for emancipation before you were pregnant at the time? That may make a difference to the judge. I wish you the best. I live in TN, and I only know the emancipation (or lack thereof)laws are pretty tough to navigate. If you want to chat, just send me an email. I have a friend in Michigan, and I’ll ask her if she can get any info on emancipation for me.


    Well I also live in Michigan. I looked up the emancipation laws in Michigan and they state that “In Michigan you can become emancipated without your parent’s permission as long as they are not supporting you and you meet additional criteria of the emancipation statute. For example, the court must find that you are at least sixteen years of age, that you can manage your financial affairs (this usually means you are employed), that you can manage you personal and social affairs and that emancipation would be in your best interest. If you wish to read about the Michigan emancipation procedure, you should read the pamphlet “Support of Minors and Emancipation” which can be found in the Court Library section of the Calhoun County Courts web site. This pamphlet can be specifically located at:

    I believe that your circumstances would meet the criteria necessary. I hope everything works out for you..good luck!

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