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    Ok so im 39 weeks and 5days pregnant and its ONLY JUST kicked in that i will be going into labour sometime soon and too be honest i am sooooo freaked out!! Up till now ive been fine about it not scared or anything… but now im absoloutley petrified haha just thinking omg… my babys got to come out of there! and hes coming wheteer i like it or not! lol ! its worrying so to anyone who had their babys etc does it really hurt as much as people make out? should i really be worrying??… help put my mind at rest lolxx


    I’m not going to lie. It hurts. Badly. But pain is temporary and will quickly become something you can’t even remember. It’s worth it. Just a moment in time in the big scheme of things 🙂 Congrats!


    well… truthfully this probably wont put your mind at ease but yes it is as bad as people say it is. But it is different for every woman, we all have different bodies and some can handle pain better than others. It runs in my family to have huge babies and painful births with the first child, i dont know about yours. But you are right your baby is coming out wether you like it or not and this is just another experience in life. Millions and millions of women have gone through it so i know you can too!! : ) just think with every contraction you get the closer you are to meeting your baby. And once you hold your child in your arms for the first time the pain is forgotten… believe me that part is so TRUE!! i told myself while i was having those horrible contactions that i would never have a child ever again but now i want 4 more… you will see i am promising you that it will be the best and most rewarding experience of your life! good luck!


    Yes it really is as bad as people make out. The pushing part isnt too bad though, but they contractions can REALLY hurt bad.

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