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    dani gee

    hiyah well i have 16 days to go and i cnt wait lolz ive had m show baby head is engaged ive had belly pains 4 past todays but puting them as braxton hicks ive also bin vomiting du u think i will start labour soon as ive bin on internet and read the symptoms of earli labour and i have them all i have few other symptoms but i dnt wna sey o ive had a increase ofdischarge also please please reply ne 1 even if u dnt think it will help xxx

    Kerry Atkinson

    if you havent had her yet. Good Luck.
    Im sure its going to happen VERY soon with the symptoms you’ve been having. Let us know. I see alot of girls have their babies and they never come in here after that.

    dani gee

    hiyahtill not here but bin gettin belly pains more today n yesterday dnt worry ill keep u all updated thankkooo xxx

    AnaMaria osorio

    omg you are so lucky i your fixin to meet your little person i still got 2 mths to go and i cant wait:) Wish you the best of luck;)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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