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    Ok so here it is. My cat had kittens and theyre about 2 1/2 weeks old, as far as I know they have not started using the bathroom yet and they live in my room and noone can smell anything so i’m just assuming…My cat goes outside and we leave the window open for her but my baby is due in NINE days and these kittens are going to start using the bathroom soon and I wont be able to leave the window open because it gets so cold in here…now heres my dilemma, the kitty litter box…I’ve done research on toxoplasmosis (the reason they dont want pregnant woman around litter boxes) and its a rare disease that is found in cat feces, it takes five days to become affective and tehy advise you not to clean it yourself or if you have to to use gloves and a mask. Now my problem is I don’t know how it affects babies and if it will pose a health risk to my child, i dont know what to do with the kittens though because we have other mean adult cats and a big dog that would most likely kill them, the only safe place is my room but what do i do if it makes my baby sick?? Has anyone been in this situation or no anything about it because I am so stressed out about it and I already feel like I am messing everything up, my baby is nine days away and i am so stressed out, this dilemma is not making anything easier, any help would be great thanks!!
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    It would probally be a good idea to give the kittens away to friends,family, post an advertisement or something. Its hard but it might be the only option


    My first question would be, are all of these cats and the mean dog yours?? Do you live with parents or friends?? If they are yours and you have rule over what happens with them then put your baby first and make them all out door animals, if not then the next best thing would be to take the kitties to a store and give them away to people or sell them to a pet store, I do not know the risks of toxoplasmosis for an infant but I sure hope you are not cleaning the box right now being pregnant still…I do have one concern about having the momma cat or even other adult cats around the baby, especially if you are going to breastfeed then the cats really like to lick the baby’s face to find traces of milk, there have been cases where the baby will die from suffocation because the cat was looking for leftover milk on the face and mouth and then fell asleep too close to the baby’s face…I had cats when my daughter was a newborn and they were always trying to lay right next to her face for the milk and they just love babies, I had to constantly watch to make sure they were not on her head and many times they would lay on her face and I would catch them right as they did it…it might be best to keep all the cats out of your room for a while…I hope this helps a little, I know how it is to be attached to a cat, I have had many wonderful cat friends in my life but when it comes down to it your baby’s health is more important and if the owners of these animals cannot see that then it might be a good idea to look for another place to live or to find a way to compromise without putting your baby at risk…Love Meg, I hope you have a wonderful labor and that you and baby stay healthy through it all, let us know when you POP!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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