KinDA cOnFuseD!!!! hElP anY1..plz

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    uM i wAS WOnDerInG hAS anY1 WHo has IrREgULAr PeRioDS bEcamE pRegNANt BeKuz I havE A ? ANy1 WIth ADviCe PLz HElp tHo!!
    Okay I have IrREGualR CYCLes likE iTS ALwayS eVerY oTHer MONth!! EX. i had ONe in DEcember none in january an THeN one enD Of FEbURARY!!
    nOw Me an my bf had sex tons oF TimEs WITHOUT PROTECTION AN he haSnt pUllD OuT!!! noW ALL of A SUddEn i gEt A CYCLE the nxt MONTH thE beginin Of THis APRIl NeVer expected this to happEn CUz i was Post 2 SKip thiS MONTH but thERE wAS suMthiNg DIfFEREnt ABOUT THIS cYcle FOR ThE fact IT HURT an 4 me THATS dIffERENT i NeVER HAVe CRAMPS or anyTHinG…(((lUcKy Huh?)) BUt LikE iT Hurt Sharp sHooTin PAINS AN iT WAS a reguLAR FLOW 4 THe FiRST DAY an seCoNd Then Its LIKE iT just stOppEd an It BecAME spoTTinG VeerY LitE AN theN it weNt away 2 DAYs latER iT was only 4 days ALL 2GetHeR iTS uauallY 6 cOuld THis HAVe bEeN mY cyclE oR cOUlD It have bEeN imPLANTATion bLeEDinG ..I havEnT bEen SlEEpY ALOt tHO dOes THAT mattEr???. vEry ConFused EvERY 1 Has DiFfereNt vIeWS AT THis situatION!! I Go 2 THe DoC april 28 tho ShOULD I ask 4 BlOod WOrK oR just 4Get it cauSE it was ReGular FloW THe 1ST two DAYS???:dry:
    pLZ ADVICe any1 WouLD GREATLY APPerICATe IT thankS sOOo mUcH in ADVANcE….


    Yes you could definitely be pregnant, get a blood test done when you go to the doctor and go from there, ok?


    i mIxD mY datEs uP i wEnT tO doC THe 21st bUt i TolD tHeM an THeY dId A tEsT wiT uRinE WhiCh CAMe bk Negative!!!! I dIdNt ASk 4 bLoOd WRk I was scared fOr soMe reason I reallY dIdNt KnoW how To TELL tHEM test my blood seeing that they showed no concern AFTER THEY TESTD MY URINE iDk wat To Do Is ThErE OthER OPtIONs oR places To GeT blood work????

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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