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    i found out i was pregnant when i was in the hospital battling an eating disorder i’ve had for over 6 years on and off. i can remember the nurse coming in, sitting down in the odly coloured chair next to me and hesitating to say, “yes you’re pregnant”. i was always told i probably would never get pregnant because of the lack of nutrition my body had experianced over the years, which made contriception seem useless to me and my boyfriend. i cried. i cried so hard. i had a small… thing… inside me and i had never felt so alone. i called him and told him, he said nothing for a while but ended the silence with “it’s your choice i’ll be here no matter what.” little did i know how much my life would change in only a couple months. i decided, after everyone told me no, i couldn’t do it, that i would not get an abortion. fast forward to now, i’m 6 months pregnant (26 weeks) and i’m so happy i made this choice. the first weeks, months, sucked. my parents ignored me, my boyfriend was too freaked out to be the person i needed him to be, but after everyone just accepts it, it all gets so much better. i’ve never been so excited to hold my baby girl in my arms and tell her how much i lover her.


    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. It will be an inspiration for a lot of young girls who read this. You have been given the gift of courage to stand up for your baby, and are now experiencing the joy and reward of your choice to give your baby LIFE!!! What a beautifully empowering thing it is to be a MOTHER!! Nothing can compare to it, and the strength you feel now is only a small glimpse of what is yet to come. Hang on because you, and everyone around you are going to fall in love with this baby.

    I am so very happy for you as many others will be. This will have lasting affects that can help future generations of young mothers and lives of the unborn. YOUR DECISION will change the views of unplanned teen pregnancies in your immediate community and can help put abortion clinics out of business.

    May you have a peaceful and healthy pregnancy. Please stay in touch and let us walk this journey with you.

    Your friend in motherhood,


    im soo glad that u made this choice and im even happier about tha fact that u chose to share ur story for others to benifit…


    Hi ccopp66

    Glad u happy, & chose to keep ur little girl. Hope she brings u all the joy ur heart desires…



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