It’s a boy!

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    So we went to the 20 week ultrasound yesterday! 😀 Firstly, he was upside down and he flipped himself back up when the nurse started pressing on my stomach, haha. She was irritating him! My boyfriend was like “Yep, he has your personality: a fighter.” He was kicking and punching and crossing his legs and touching his face… it was so amazing! He is NOT shy at all! We could see very clearly what the gender was! He’s so adorablee!! My boyfriend was so excited, haha. He couldn’t stop looking at the ultrasound pictures over and over again, and he was so emotional during the ultrasound because he hasn’t seen one yet. Heartrate is a strong 150 bpm. Amazing news, and I couldn’t ask God for any more than he’s given me in my little boy. :] My parents HAD to go to Babies R’ Us for shopping already, hahahaha. We decided on a Vintage Mickey Mouse crib set. :silly:

    Now for the naming… the tough part.
    I will get the ultrasound pictures up ASAP.




    ok so i just had to be the first to say congrats on your lil boy, im so happy for you 😉


    Oh how exciting! 😀 I bet you can’t wait to meet him face-to-face! 😉


    congrats on the little boy…baby boys are so cute…lol


    baby boys are cheeky hehe but hey aren’t girls too.

    Good to see your parents are going all ga ga and just think you were worried about telling them you were pregnant.


    Thank you guys bunches! 😀


    wow haha. Im having a boy too! The lady was like “wow, yeahh thats deff a boy alright!” she said he had a big winkie! haha. He was moving around so much we had to go back a second time to get the rest of the measurements! It was crazy

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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