is this true??

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    Marisa Gerdes

    i read that someone told them that your allergies and stuff are a lot worse if you are pregnant is that true?? like a runny nose sore throat and all the allergy symptoms from the pollen/spring time. i was just wondering because i have never heard that before…bc i have been a lot sicker than i usually am during this season and i feel neasous like all day and randomly it will get really bad and i feel like i should run to the bathroom and throw up but i never do.

    Taryn Walsh

    Well I think your senses are alot more sensitive in the first trimester. I know mine are. I have also read that you get more congested when you are pregnant. Hope this helps 🙂

    Ari Esping

    I’ve felt the same way, my allergies have been 10 times worse this spring than they have been any other one. Sorry I don’t have a medical answer for you 😛

    Elizabeth Nicole Fitzgerald

    my first pregnancy i was exactly like that!!! so you might want to go get tested!!

    Meagan Weber

    Pregnancy messes with your whole body….I couldnt stand to eat my favorite foods anymore and I couldnt eat enough stuff that I didnt like LOL but this too shall pass and a few more months down the road you will have your baby and your body will make its way back to normal. (sometimes your body will make permanent changes but I dont think your allergies will stay horrible)….Meg

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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