is it wrong?

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    is it wrong to want a baby at 16 almost 17?



    This all depends on your moral standards and values. I personally think that it’s wrong if you are not married b/c the bible teaches us that having sex before marriage is a sin. If you aren’t a Christian, then this doesn’t apply to you. Some religions teach that it’s okay to have kids as early, or before they turn 13. Once again, it’s all in what you believe.



    Why would you want a baby that young? They grow up you know. You have to give up your life for them. Even the simplest things you do will no longer be easy. Going to the bathroom, going for a jog, hanging out, using the phone, dating. It never ends. Plus it costs a lot. Do you really dream of raising your child at your parents house? If you want a child, then pan for it. Finish school, get a reliable job. One that has health insurance and benefits. Find a nice place to live. Save money for the time you are going to need to take off work after baby is here. Then, after you have done all that it is time to think about what you are wanting to do now. If you love your potential child you will make a good life for it before it gets here. It’s not easy and you should grab hold of your life in front of you and enjoy it while you can. Having a child after you do all that you want is best. Or you can be like me dreaming about all I gave up. Hoping that my daughters don’t do what I have done. I want more for them. Don’t you want more for you?



    I am a Christian, I have had some problems with my walk with Christ lately. I’m always thinking about life now but with a child. Sometimes I’m afraid I would do almost anything to have a child now, and I know I could do it (raising the child and everything).

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