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    okay, so ive been in a relationship for 3 years now with the same guy. hes 21, im 17. hes went away to work twice for 6 and 8 months at a time, we only broke up once, but it was for a good reason, he treated me like i didnt exsist, hes very controlling and has a bad temper. i left, after 6 months of building up the courage. he cried and begged for me to take him back, and i did… ive been living with him since i was 15, he always said wed start a life together when i graduate. now, im graduated, and he only wants me to follow him around in his life, where he wants to go. he doesnt want me to go to school yet because he wants to move, again. but i wanna live my life, i wanna make my own money and have fun with the rest of my teen years… is it worth staying? or is it time to leave for good?
    please help!

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