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    Hiya everyone, im 18 and live in england n came acroos this site almost by accident. I’ve been so worried for last the few weeks, after i did an hpt n it came out +ve. Must be about 3 months now. I’ve had all of the symptoms that you’ve mentionned on the site but no matter what i read i always try and deny it, and pretend its not happening. Im supposed to be going to uni in sept, n im so scared of telling my family as they have such high expectations of me. I havent tolf by bf of 2 yrs yet, but he knows how rough i have been feeling and i think he knows something. Although i know im strong enough to cope with this in the long term, im so scared og what everyone else will think of me. i’ve no1 to talk to as if i tell my friends they’l tell everyone n i dunno what that would do to me. I really hope that you could advise on what to do and how to tell everyone.

    Thank you x x x

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