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    im not sure if i should post this here, im realy bad at forums lol
    anyway, those who know me, yes i might be pregnant AGAIN! cuase im stupid 🙁
    anyway im wondering if pregnancy test work if u have implanon in?
    i got it put in the day before my “conception” if i am pregnant again. and it doesnt wok for the first month.
    but i realy dont wanna have to see a doctor for a pregnancy test, when it comes time to take one. ide rather take a home one but idk if implanon messes with them, like false possitive or false negative.
    any info would be great 🙂
    i cant find realy anything on implanon and pregnancy, just that its not suppose to happen lol.


    you can take a ptrgnancy test and u will get the truth if it negative then ur not but if u get positive then u r. a pregnancy test tests for a hormone call HCG and your bc puts out a different hormone that wont affect the pregnancy test..


    thank you 🙂
    that makes me feel sooo much better
    i didnt want to have to get a blood test to tell.
    *bows* thank you


    If you took a pregnancy test and it was positive you are most likely pregnant and should see a dr asap. I know that at some point they will take the implant out. Call the dr who did the birth control right away and make an appt.


    i havent taken the test yet, i still have a few weeks before i can but i just wanted to know ahead of time whether it would affect a test results.
    cuase of my previous pregnancy im alittle too paranoid right now, and i had unprotected sex so im afraid im gonna be pregnant again. i hope im not but im preparing myself early incase i am again. (yes, i know im a duffus)


    Here is the information about when it’s better to take a pregnancy test:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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