i’m so confused..am i pregnant??

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    my bf nd i had sex last october 22..

    after that experience.. iwas really scared that i have the chance to get pregnant…at october 25 i started to bleed..it lasted maybe 4 days.. i have read a symptom that there will be bleeding after the implantation…so i am confused if it is just menstruation or not..

    recently i feel very tired..nd i can;t sleep at night..but i don’t have nausea or i don’t experience vomitting..

    i got so stressed thinking about it so i decided to post and ask questions here..

    am i pregnant??? i wil really be greatful if u will reply…arigatou gozaimasu!!


    answers pls..

    my situation kills meh~!~


    well.. if your situation kills yaaahh, why dont you make a HPT?

    i mean… we cant see inside your bump and tell if theres something baby like in it or not..

    make a hpt, and youll know.

    i doubt it could be implatation bleeding, it would be a bit 2 soon for it,.

    did you use protection? why are you soo worried about?
    i mean go in to have sex when you can take the actions that can happen with sex.. when you are mature for that, you wont be scared, if youre not, i would say wait with sex…you dont need to hurry with it.


    hmmm hi girl…better to ask an OB….to be sure….and be ready for the result….and don’t stress you’re self…:P

    Mommys Angel

    I doubt it. Take a pregnancy test though if you are still insure


    i cant give you any answers sorry but i know how you feel im going through the same thing and im scared and i really just want answers now… but if your period was heavy most likely your not pregnant but like i said idk… try taking a home pregancy test babe maybe that will lossen up some stress…


    Im kinda in that same predicument myself.I’m on the pill. My period was on time an Lasted 5days as usual but I never started bak my pack of pills when i was supposed to an had unprotected sex twice. took emergency contreception 55hr later and started take bak the pills but Ive been feeling like I am pregnant. I already have a child so know that feelin and symptoms. Its Still too soon to take a test…


    u might be pregnant but the best way 2 find out is go and either take a hpt or go 2 a teen resource center


    hmmm- its a hard one- it does not sound like you are pregnant,
    but you could get pregnant- symptoms usually only kick in from about 5
    weeks, but everyone is different-
    the bleeding- well its unlikey its implantation bleedeing,
    implantation happens about 8 days after conception and its a very light
    bleeding- kind of like spotting- a light reddish pinkish to brownish
    i would say before you freak out, wait untill your period is due
    of it does not come then take a test.
    try not stress though- it can cause your period to
    come early or it could delay your period!
    good luck luv:)


    cud it be implantation bleeding??? but it last for almost 5 days nd i had 2 use sanitary napkin bcoz of it..

    nd i am xpecting my period at that date 2…??


    You still could be pregnant, most people have varying degrees of spotting. But if it is really heavy bleeding, like your period, than it might just be a whacked out period. If it was light bleeding that just kind of came and went, or was a little bit all the time than it could be implantation bleeding.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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