im really confused. i dont know what to think.

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    my name is ashley.

    a couple of weeks ago i had protected sex.
    but about 4 to 5 days later i started to spot.
    and i got a little cramping too.
    i also started to feel nausea and headaches in the morning.
    that really worried me.
    but after a while i really didnt think about it.

    i got my period a day late but nothing really weird.
    but it was alot lighter than usual.
    and it lasted about four days.

    i dont know what tot hink about this.
    could i be pregnant?
    i mean.
    i used a condom and everything.


    There is always a "could" when u have sex, but even if u are, it is not good to be bleeding or even spotting. I would go and get a test done really quick, u never know what could be going on.


    Your right, it sounds pretty normal. If your not sure then take a test, or go to your doctor, they will tell you for sure.


    if you used protection you should be fine. Maybe the nausea is caused by worrying or stress and same with the other symptoms. To put your mind at ease you could take a test.


    well even when you use a condom or are on birth control you can still get pregnant. I would take a test and find out if you are preg or not and then I would encourage you if you are not pregnant to start making healthier choices (no sex till marriage) and if you are pregnant to do the same thing and let yourself be used as an example of someone who made a poor decision and is willing to take responsibility. I dont know how old you are and I dont know your past reputation of decision making but if I may share with you my own……. I had been sexually active for 10 years (started at 13) I was preg with my second and they both had different dads…I knew that I needed to change and start living a better lifestyle or I was going to be in a huge mess. I made the choice that I wasnt going to have sex again untill I was married. I stayed abstinent for 3 1/2 years and raised my kids on my own (no child support or anything) I started reading my bible and going to church and spending more time with my kids. well I have been married for 4 almost 5 months now and I made it to my wedding night without having sex 🙂 I hope that my story will encourage you to do the same thing it is so worth it………Meg


    well the only safe sex is no sex.. so i would take a test just to be safe.. that or go to your doctor. hope that helps. good luck.


    I think you are likely ok, I have missed my last 3 and don’t feel pregnant praying I am not of course, I wasnt even sure we were having sex


    condoms arent 100% effective. so maybe.


    that is the same thing that i am goin through we used a condom but i started a week late and i had no cramps except the day before and it was really really light and only lasted for 3 days and i felt no symptoms of a period. i am waiting to see if i start the next month before i get a test…you should do that do unless you really feel like you are pregnant.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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