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    Okay Me and my Bf had sex on april 2nd though he didn’t cum in me i’ve been worried since then i’m pregnant. I’ve been real parinoid ALL MONTH that I might be pregnant. I havent had any real bad symptoms At ALL but i started my period on april 28. My last period started on march 29. The thing i’m worried about is that its a menstrual period or IMPLANTATION!!! I’m so confused how can i tell the difference? Is implantaion shorter than a real period or too light, too heavy or vice versa?!?!? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! THANKS!! (should i worry that i’m pregnant?)


    i’m basically the same as Cathy J. i had sex yesterday the 27 though.. i don’t know when to take a pregnacy test.. or even should i ? i mean i start my period "hopefully" in 2 weeks.. my bf didn’t cum in me either.. but i’ve beeen REALLY worried.. someone PLEASE TELL ME SOMETHING?! :S 🙁


    Implantation bleeding is very light…pink/brown for a couple days or even longer than a week (that happened to me). It’s not like a regular period which is a lot of bright red for a couple days. All women are different though. I’m sure you know what your regular period is like. If your bf didn’t cum, there is a low chance you could be pregnant. Since you got some bleeding either a period or implantation, the best thing to do is take a test since this is the right time to do it.


    when i was pregnant i bleed from implantation the week before i was supposed to get my period. It’s not like your period at all. It’s very light. Only a couple drops of blood. It doesn’t last for more than an hour or so. You probably did get your period.
    Just to let know that even though your boyfriend doesn’t cum in you, you can still get pregnant. During sex men secrete precum. that clear liquid. It contains small amounts of sprem. And you only need one sprem to get pregnant!


    Dear cathy J,

    You have a legitimate reason to think you’re pregnant. Even though he didn’t nut in you, there’s still pre-cum, and that contains millions of sperm cells. Whats implantation?



    implation is shorter then a real period so the is a high chance that you could be pregnant i wish you are the best i am epexting triplets in 2 days bye .

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