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    Well my name is Maria and I got pregnat at 15 and it was really hard when i found out was the weirdest because I met my boyfriend at a friends party and then we went out for 5 months.. I missed my period I didnt think I was pregnat but I wanted to get out of class so I went to the nurse since they have the VNA nurse there they told me to take a pregnacy test so i did and I was scared I waited and I had to pee in a cup they put the test in front of me and said to wait 5 min.. and see for two pind line so i did and it was positive i was shocked :ermm: I wasnt going to cry because i knew that i was risking that by having sex… then I told my boyfriend and he was surprised but he said he did want a baby….. I tought about abortion but i couldnt my friend was pregnat before me and she drinked pills thinking her baby was going to be miscarried i tought of that but then what if didnt work my baby would come out with abnormalities i didnt want to happened i didnt do nothing….then my mom one day i told her i felt sick because i didnt want to go to school… and she took me to the doctor they told me if i had sex i said yes.. so they took a pregnat test it came back positive they told me they would not tell my mom so they didnt we came back walking home she asked me and said everuthing is fine… so months passed and i didnt tell my parents but they noticed becaused they sent me home because i threw up :sick: and fell to the floor because i was dizzy … my friends took me to the nurses office and they called home saying that i threw up so my mom asked me if i was pregnat i said no …. :blush: i was feeling sad …. and embarrased… then when i was 7 months it started showing … so i told my boyfriend to tell my parent so we did … my mom said she was disappointed and my dad just said what were we going to do … we needed to look for an apartment and I was scared because I was never away from my parents so after we told them I saw my stomach grow a lot it was big .i went to the doctor then i had appointment a lot of them and many ultrasounds it was so amazing seen my baby… and I had labs done too…. i went to a school were teenagers moms go.. i had a baby shower my boyfriends family arranged it … then Nov 19 I was in labor … since 7:00 to the next day … i called my boyfriend at 5:00 he came to the hospital (he didnt leave with me) he was with me and my dad too my mom and uncle… and later all my boyfriends family.. my baby was born 10:31 .. i was hgappy her dad was there and cutted the umbilical cord … everything happend so fast… my boyfriend and i live at my parents house … and we do have arguments … but we love each other… .. we try to be good parent my baby is 18 months… and now i thnik im pregnat … but i know that i would love my baby no matter what the situtation is… :unsure:


    :kiss: me too girlfriend


    Hey girl,
    I was sixteen when I got pregnant for the first time, luckily, my boyfriend was supportive, and he stayed with me through it all and in June 2004, we had a beautiful baby boy, and I was seventeen at the time. After that, we found out that I was pregnant with another baby, and we had her in December 2005, and now, we are married, since May 13, 2006, and I just started my second trimester with our third child, this one is due in december too. So, an extra baby will put extra strain on your relationship, but it’s worth it when your in love and you have your beautiful children together, so, don’t worry about having another baby, it can work.

    Good Luck,
    Michellle J.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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