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    18th January 2006
    I am confused about whether I could be pregnant or not. I am 18, and my boyfriend and I have been having a lot of unprotected sex the past 2-3 months. We have been using the pull out before coming thing, but as they say… it doesn’t mean your safe. Then firstly, I notcied my period was late. Then it came about 10-12 days late, and I only bleed for one day. That was in November. I didn’t really think much of it though. Then after about a week or so, I started feeling so tired all the time. I would drag myself out of bed in the mornings, be up for about 3-5 hours max, and be so exhausted. So go to sleep and sleep the rest of the day, till the next morning. This went on for about 3 weeks. I still get tired a lot now, but not as much. I also noticed at that time I was feeling nausea, not vommiting, but feeling very yucky around food… still do now aswell. Headaches were and still are a common thing, sometimes everyday. I would also take extra trips to the bathroom just to pee, even when I hadn’t drunk much. Tender breasts and sore nipples also… I doesn’t feel like the same feeling you can get before period, much sorer. My stomach has been bloating a lot also, and I my stomach makes noises like when I’m hungry even though I’m not even hungry and I’m very full it will still growl. Lower back pains also. And yesterday I’ve experienced constipation for the first time. But my stomach has grown out a bit, and also firmer. My boyfriend had a feeling I was pregnant when he noticed I was sleeping all the time… although I never said anything to him. I had a test at the doctors before I started having any of these symptoms, and it came back negative. So I didn’t think I was. Then a week or more later, the symptoms of being pregnant. And also in late December I got a light period, but not around the date I’m usually due.. and that makes me wonder too… I have heard that women can still get there period while being pregnant?? I get discharge at least everyday also. Not smelly, but a clear to pale white color. So now I’m feeling really confused… Am I or Am I not??? I also know that some of these signs could be a sign of something else. My boyfriend and I want to know for sure if I am or not, but we aren’t ready to know… a little scared. :ermm:


    What you are describing sounds very much like being pregnant. I am preganat at 17 weeks I concieved in october. I had the same symptoms as you except for the menstration, however some woman do have a light menstration through out the entire pregncy. I have a friend who recently went in to the doctors office for a pregnancy test. The first one she had was a false negative. Meaning they said she was not pregnant but she really was. Her symptoms continued and she went in again and got a positive result.

    From what you mentioned it sounds like if you are pregnant you probably concieved in november, this would put you well into your first trimester and near the second trimester. I advise that you retrun the doctors office so another test can be done. You can also take a home preganacy test if you want. If you decide to go to the docotrs office I would ask for a blood test and instead of a standard urine test which many locations do. Blood test usually give you more acurate readings and it will allow the docotrs to have a better idea of how much hcg hormone is in your blood if any. Hcg is the hormaone you get when you become pregant.

    I encourage you to take action as soon as possible, if you are pregnant you need to see a docotr or midwife etc on a regular basis for the sake of the baby’s health as well as your own. If you would like to speak with me furhter feel free to.

    Jer: 29:11


    The symptoms you are describing so sound like they could be pregnancy symptoms. It is very rare to have periods while being pregnant, but I have heard of it happening. If you had a negative pregnancy test, then I would normally say that you are probably not pregnant (unless you have been continuing to have sex, in which case it could be possible.) How long has it been since you have seen the doctor and had the test done? Perhaps you should set up another appointment with your doctor to get checked out. Even if you are not pregnant you might find out more information on why you are having unusual symptoms.



    Please don’t be scared I know exactly how you both are feeling. Your story actually brought a tear to my eye as I was exactly where you are now last year. Me and my fiance were pulling out also and no, it definitely doesn’t mean your safe. I’m 18 also and was just 17 when I got pregnant and like you was so scared. It’s common to have light periods during pregnancy and the symptoms you were describing are exactly those of early pregnancy. Take a test as soon as you can and don’t be scared. I was pertrified I was pregnant and didn’t want my parents to know. I lost my baby and suffered from severe depression for months – I found out three weeks after having my MMR jab I’ll never forgive myself. A few months later I was pregnant again and so happy. This time I was determined to do everything I could to protect my baby. I loved every second of my baby growing inside me. A few weeks later it was gone – two babies in just four months gone. I am heartbroken can’t think of anything but my babies. I dream of them, that I was having a girl and everythings perfect. Then I wake up to reality. I so long for a baby just now but I know it’s not the right time, we can’t afford it and I am at uni but am so unhappy and can’t concentrate anyway. Please don’t be scared. Even if it’s not the right time make the decision that’s best for you. Regret is a horrible thing believe me please don’t make someone else’s choice. Please let me know the outcome. Take care Speak soon
    Janine xxx

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