I’m 16 and just ruined my life

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    hi ashley my name is sadayah im 16 and im a junior in high school………..im 14 weeks pregnant and im keeping my baby i told my mom and she was really upset but then she had started to get over it and be with me.but now its like im all alone. my boyfriend is there for me and i love him so much i dont know what i would do without him hes 18 and had 2 drop out of college to come home and take care of his baby,. do i feel bad hell yea. jus know that you are not alone….i dont encorage abortion but whatever you decide to do just know that you can e-mail me anytime to talk. just stay strong. and all the things you said about having the high expectations for yourself trust me i felt the same way i tried so hard 2 be a succeseful doctor but now im pregnant …i hope i can get through this and still become a doctor….so just follow your dream if you decide to keep your baby dont listen to what everybody tells you stay strong and i hope you make the right decison remember you can e-mail me anytime…



    I am 22 and 11 weeks pregnant and am nervous. When i went to college a friend of mine discovered she was 3 mos pregnant. Her parents kicked her out and she moved in with her boyfriend. She has since graduated with honors and is on her way to Yale Medical School.
    Your life isn’t over. Pregnacy changed your life but it doesn’t ruin it or end it, your life will be different should you decide to keep the baby but it is not over by any means.
    Good Luck


    I am now 22 years old and pregnant with number 4. I found out I was pregnant with my first at 14 years old. I had my second daughter when I was 16. I had number 3 when I was 21 and am going to have number 4 at 22. The best thing I ever could have done as a teenage parent was go to a school for pregnant and parenting teens. I know it sounds misserable, but it helped me so much. Free diapers, formula, clothes, even food for me. And the best part, no one could judge me because we were all in the same situation. I actually graduated early. The only financial resource I can think of right now is WIC, Medi-cal, food stamps, and cash aid. I know there are more, I just cant think of them right now. Feel free to message me if you want to talk. Good luck!


    well for starters everything happens for a reason. and as much as your heart fluttered for that boy wait until you see your first ultra sound. hear the heart beat etc etc.. you fall head over heels in love, which mother lsnt scared to be pregnant with her first child at any age.. i went to parenting class and there are some late bloomers in there i talkin around 40 years old with their first baby together, they asked some pretty funny ?’s because they didnt know but i am in no place ot judge because ive been there and asked the same ?’s… i am 16 and pregnant, at the current time i had a job, and was doing great in school, oh wow the best ive done, i was happy and still ready to keep going, but then i got pregnant. and it all fell right in front of my eyes! but now i look at it like ‘well at least i got my baby’ most moms regret abortion but never regret having a kid, and if your kids a hellion, hey you still got him/her etc etc. theres always adoption for yu.. me personally im against everything except for raising your kid, if you can. i mean you did it, the both of you did it.

Viewing 4 posts - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)
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