I’m 16 and I lost my virginity in October

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    Hi my name is Keyana. I am 16 years old still attending high school. In June of 2015 I met this guy and we were together for 4 months. On October 15th I had sex with him, we were careful he used a condom but during our inter coarse the condom broke, and he came inside me. About 7 days later I started bleeding but it wasn’t like my normal bleeding for my period. It was light till about the third day it became heavy but I had no cramps. After I got it I thought well I can’t be pregnant. And it left my mind till about a few weeks. I started feeling nausea, I was sick around meat my smell sense had increased. I felt my stomach was hard and I was having back pain, frequent uses of the bathroom. But eventually I did go to the doctor we took a urine test it was negative. Then a blood test also negative. But symptoms still persisted and they were getting stronger. My boobs were tender and I’ve been getting these dark veins and their flat and then perky most of the time. On and off. My temperature has increased a lot I’m either freezing but my stomach is still warm. Or I’m soo hot. But during a weekend with a couple of friends I took a first response with my first morning urine it came right away with a solid line and a faint line beside it. As I looked it up, usually that means it’s positive. But I took another test two days later and according to my moms friend it was negative but her antie said it was still a really faint line. So I took another blood test also negative.. But the symptoms keep persisting.. I now notice there is a hole in both of my boobs their bigger. And I feel I have a bump too even tho I’m kind of a plus sized girl it looks like I have one. I believe that I’m pregnant and I’m 9 weeks. My periods still come but their either early or late. I have these hard spots on my stomach where I feel something is there.. And there all over. So I’m not sure what is going on with me. I have a friend who works in a clinic and she told me to take a pic of my V and it was very awkward but I did it and her doctor looked at it he said it is stretched.. More than normal. So I’m still unsure I almost feel like my HCG is so low that I can only get a faint positive in the morning. I feel having an ultrasound would be for accurate so then if there is a heartbeat we can see and know that it’s there. But idk I feel crazy. I’ve had so many pregnancy symptoms. I get headaches, I feel bloated. I get abdominal pain but it’s not severe my boobs feel bigger. And I just don’t feel the same after having sex. I really could use some help.


    Hi Keyana,
    How are you? After reading your blog post, I just wanted to ask whether you think you’re pregnant due to intercourse you had last October or whether you are referring to later intercourse? Sorry I’m just confused as to why you are 9 weeks pregnant from last October.


    Hi Maria I’m still unsure if I’m pregnant my ‘period’ is so light and for two days it was only there when I wiped and then I was dry for a day and then it became heavy on the fourth. I’ve always Had a regular period and this has been happening since October 2015 sorry for the confusion. I have an ultrasound booked but it won’t be till May 25th 🙁 so I’m kinda waiting this whole time.. Which is really bad. I even told my parents and the doctor thinks it’s hormones. Also with the 9 weeks thing I miscalculated how far along I should be.


    Hey girls 🙂 so my doctor has not called back for it being any hormones he tested me for including my thyroid. None of those things are what’s wrong. I have developed more back pain and these strange side, and stomach pain? It’s quite weird. My ultrasound is still booked but I found out by using an online calculator I am 17 weeks if I am indeed pregnant.. And sadly as you know on May 25th I will be in my third trimester if I’m pregnant but I’m running out of ideas of what it could be. My period still continues to be abnormal.. At this point idk what else it could be. I keep gaining weight and I look pregnant right now the thing is am I actually? A question that bothers my mind. But I’ll keep you guys posted if I get any other diagnosis. 🙂

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