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    Ok so i think im pregnant but im not sure. Im only 15. Ive missed my period i have all the normal signs of pregnancy but i just dont know how i should tell my mom i need a pregnancy test. Advice would help!


    hey talk to her , get some is so hard but thats what live means


    Just go to the store and get it yourself. That’s what I did.


    well i think you should try to go to a clinic or call the # for birthright on this site they give free confin. tests. just get one done dont wait to long.go to girl help under here n call them.


    hey girl im 15 and have a 4 month old daughter… i know exactly what you must be feeling cause i got pregnant at 14 and was scared to death about telling my mom. well first of all get a test they are cheap and easy to get… go to walmart or some pharmacy… and if you really are pregnant you gotta tell your momma sometime! just please dont get an abortion that aint the right choice and i dont want you being another one of them girls that say they regret it cause you sure will! good luck mama!!


    just tell her u think u may be preg but haven’t taken the test and u want her to take u to get it and be there for u…she’s ur mom she will love u no matter what happens, she may get angry but anger passes….


    go and buy it


    Hi! I was 15, and pregnant…. If you want, you can read my story at:


    Hi, if you are comfortable with talking to your mum first then of course! if not then go to a clinic where you can get some emotional support rather than trying to cope alone.


    Im 15 and 4 baby is due in june. I havent told my mom yet, but im planning on doing it sometime this week.
    Good luck=]


    its been 5 mths since her post…has anyone heard anything?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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