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    personally i would not and could not go through with an abortion, i’m not sayin i wouldn’t consider it in hard situations though (i suppose everyone does in a hard situation, the actual goin through withit part is different) and i am not in anyway judging ANYONE who has had one, i think it’s a very personal desision, and not an easy one.

    however, although this is not my story, i am linked into it, and i am very VERY upset by it. i just want to let people see the consequences of a regretted abortion.

    my very best friend, who has been like my sister from before i can remember got pregnant a few months back, that is how i found this site (well we found it together), however after everything we talked and read about, she still thought abortion was best for her, her bf mentally abused her and they wer on the edge of breaking up, she had just gotten onto a university course she had always worked hard for etc etc, but still she didnt REALLY want to have the abortion she just believed it was best. so she had it, and even i believed she was ok with her desision after a couple of months, she never mentioned it and she seemed sooo happy with her new bf (which she is) and i began to believe she had, not forgotten it, but moved on, if that makes sense.

    so last night was new years eve, we went out clubbing and she just broke down, i managed to get her away from everyone and we went into the toilets. she had seen her baby’s dad there…and her baby was supposed to have been born this month sumtime. she was in a mess, emotionally, and she is one of the strongest people i know. i tried to be a good support. told her that even if she regretted her desision she can at least learn from it and make her life worth while after something like that, which is true she should and she can, and so can everyone else who has been through the same thing.

    she kept cryin and sayin she had killed her first child and that it would always be her first child and she cant have it back. i had no idea how to respond to this. but its heartbreakin to see that and i just wanted to say that if u are considerin abortion if ur having any doubts at all DONT DO IT, it will haunt u forever.

    i was in a position i never want to be in again last night and i know my friend was. i love her to pieces and ppl shouldnt go thru that.


    hi there,

    i know what excatly what your friend is going through. i had an abortion just over 2months ago and its the most hardest thing to do.

    the reason why i had my abortion was coz i didnt want to break up with the babys daddy, he basically forced me into having one saying that he was not ready and we are not ready blah blah blah.

    We are now engaged and planning our wedding but it seems so hard knowing that i would be 20 weeks along about now.

    i too have breakdowns i had one yesterday, its something very hard to get over.

    I see a social worker once a week to work out what i have been through and they are helping, slowley tho.

    Maybe you should bring up the idea to your friend to see a social worker, i dont know what they charge over there to see one, but over here in australia if you have had any kind of operation its free to see one.

    if she ever needs someone to talk please please get her to email me. i like
    talking to people that have been the same suitation as me

    love lisaxxxx


    i was thinkin about aborrtion … my last child {I lost due to a fall} i was gonna get one cuz i no iam not ready … and i am AGIANST them but it diffrent wen .. your in that sistuation … now here i am agian and i dont no wat 2 do

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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