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      My last period was January 20th and my cycles are 32 days long putting my next period due on the 21st of this month. I know you are supposed to ovulate 14 days before your next expected period so that would have been around the 5th of this month. (sorry is this is getting confusing)Ive been reading though and Ive read some things that ovulation doesnt always occur at that time. I had sex on the 28th 31st and 3rd.

      About 4 days ago my breasts started getting sore, I thought to myself of my period is coming. Then I looked at my calendar and noticed its not actually coming for another couple weeks. Now this morning I wake up and they are 10x worse. SO sore and tender. Its mostly sore on the outer parts near my armpits toward my nipple. I was telling a girl I work with where they are sore at and she told me that is where the milk ducts are. But I know that it was WAY to early for any milk to be coming in. Maybe they are just growing?

      Im also having a bunch more discharge. Its mostly just a white color. A little thick. Sometimes its just a clear liquid. (I think)because my underwear will be soaked. Like I poured water on them. There is NO smell whatso ever. No itching either.

      I dont know. Its hard for me to believe I may be pregnant because the ovulation days and when I had sex dont match up. and its SOOO early. Is it even possible to be having symptoms? and if it isnt pregnancy… what could be making my breasts SO SORE!? … oh! I also have a LIGHT cramps. LIGHTTT. nothing to complain about. Its a little pinching feelings. Light tho.


        hey :), firstly id lke t say that yes u are right about the ovulation dates not always occuring at dat tym..it can happen, secondly ur also right that if u are preg it is wayyy too early fr milk to be comming in HOWEVER the breast tenderness and slight cramping are both symptoms of a possible pregnancy and u may think its too early but some women experience the symptoms from day 1 so it is possible. i suggest u dont panic n just wait till ur period is due, if it comes but the flow is very light or u just find urself spoting a little, that could also be an indicaor that u are pregnant and then should take a test, however till then, keep a look ut for other signs eg frequent peeing, nausea etc…. i hope u find this info usefull, tke care! keep us updated!


          Thats what everyone tells me… Dont panic. Dont stress. Just wait. BUT HOW is that possibly? I cant just put this “what if” business to the side and just have my normal day. A day feels like a week. This sucks : /
          oh and I took a test. I know its way to early… since my period isnt due for another 9 days. It was negative.
          Could a doctors test detect now? A blood test….


            Hi, I am 34 weeks pregnant and not to freak you out but breast soreness was my first pregnancy symptom. I knew I was pregnant right then because I have’nt had breast soreness since they were growing when I was like 14 and 15 and never had it with periods. I did put off testing for 3 weeks though. Even though my husband and I both were pretty positive I was prego, I kept telling myself, oh I will probably start my period anyday. I know it is hard to be patient. If it will make you feel better just go out and buy tons of tests and take one every other day or so to make the time go by faster. Even though the first one I took showed up positive within 2 seconds of peeing on it, I ended up taking 9 pregnancy tests. It was fun seeing how fast and dark the line could show up.


              Wont freak me out. I will be more than happy if I am. I have been taking tests every day! Even though I know its way to early, obviously they are all negative!


                i know its hard to put aside and its hard to not think about it, but hey if it makes u feel better go ahead ntake those preg tests everyday, let me know wat happens on day 9, n im not sure if the blod test will pick it up now, i ASSUME it would….but thats jus a wild guess… keep us posted on wat goin on…

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