i think im pregnant but he doesn’t want it

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    :unsure: me and my boyfriend who is a year younger than me have been together for a year but 2 years before that i became pregnant and had an abortion. that was a very traumatizing experiance that i had for all the wrong reasons. but now i find myself feeling the same symptons and i’m a week late…i jus don’t know wut to do i don’t want to disappoint him cuz i told him i if this ever came up wut we would do but im afraid now that it actually maybe a possibily.


    i no just how you r feeling i had a abortion & 3 years later i found out i was pregnant again which i miscarried. i have just found out i am 6 weeks pregnant again but the only thing is i had a 1 night stand i told the guy & he told me 2 get rid of it. the only thing we can do is make are own minds up if we want these babys & are we prepeared 2 bring them up rselfswithout the dads. i hope things work out 4 u xxx


    If you are pregnant & regret your abortion…keep the baby! Its a blessing!!!! Your BF may not know it now… but you gotta show him…it might take him to lose you & your baby for him 2 know it!

    Best wishes


    If that was me i would say hey if you don wanna stick round then dont. I’m going to have this baby whether you like it or not. I hope you choose the right decsion for you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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