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    i have been having sex with the same guy for like 6 weeks now i had been on the ring but my last one i had to put in a week late because i didn’t remember to take my last one out till a week after i was suppose to. i think i may be pregnant but im scared to take a test! he knows that i might be and since we aren’t dating i don’t see him often. i’ve been really tired lately my brests are more sensitive and i’ve been getting these weird abdominal cramps ive also been noticing that my sense of smell has gotten a little sharper. i’m not asking if i’m pregnant because i know you people can’t tell me if i am or not i’m just asking if it sounds like i could be thanks bye

    unsure in ny



    That sounds like the same symptoms I am having. Just hang in there, and take a pregnancy test, then you will know for sure. I can’t take one until next Monday so the antisipastion is killing me. But, I know the feeling. I am only 17, but atleast my boyfriend totally supports me. 🙂



    Take the test and u will know for sure. I am only 18 my man said that he will stand by me though thick and thin. He wants this child because we will be the only family he got. So please take a test.

    Best of good luck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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