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    I believe i concieved six days ago. My boobs are extremely sore and irratable, the nipples and pink have enlargened and feel sore and heavy. Ive been feeling extremely light headed and like i am about to faint, I can taste the metalic taste in my mouth, and when i walk for just a tiny distance my legs feel like theyve run a mile ?

    Am i pregnant ? this is going to drive me insane, My period should still be three weeks away.

    Ive had an abortion and a miscarriage in the past so i understand symptoms. But just like a bit of girly advice and someone to help put my head at ease.

    Finally Free


    Hey Finallyfree,

    There could be a chance you are. Just to be safe I would stop having intercourse, wait till or if you miss your period then take a hpt.:). Im sorry about your abortion and miscarriage, those must have been hard on you! How are you feeling now that you might be pregnant again?

    Teka <3

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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