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    I’m 24 years old, I been dating a guy for 5 months, 2 months ago we have our first intimate sex and the condoms break and now I missed my period, I never think about me being pregnant, he came to me ask me about if I
    see my period yet I said not yet and I decided to visited my family doctor he told me that I’m pregnant and I told him about it, he’s very happy about it and I’m happy about it until 1 week ago I found out he’s married and have 2 others children with his wife, they been married for almost 8 yrs, I even has his house key that’s when I found out that he rent a room there for him to do his private stuff that his wife don’t even know he had another place since I hear that my world come down to me, I really don’t know what to do if I have to keep the baby or get an abortion. He tricks me on make me believe that’s his first child I’m going to have, I feel mad, stressing, something I always hope never happen to being with a married man now I’m pregnant by him, now we are break up but he’s been calling me or showing at my place for me to talk to him by keep say he’s very sorry that he want me to keep the baby but I really can’t talk to him or forgive him yet and I don’t what to do, he lied to me, he knew If I knew he was married I will never dating him.
    Please I need some advice from you, I really desperate!


    My heart goes out to you! Your situation is hard, but you can over come and be stronger for it. The new life growing inside of you is innocent and has nothing to do with the father or situation. Please give him or her a chance at living, dreaming and being happy as we all equally have. Will your family or friends support you in your pregnancy? If not, there are crisis pregnancy centers all over the country. The women there are very supportive and will help you with your decisions. In my opinion, you have two choices, to keep the baby and raise it, or give it up for adoption. I have personally known 4 couples that were unable to have children, and two of them had a difficult time of actually finding a child to adopt. THere are many people out there who would love a child. A crisis pregnancy center will help you with this. It is a hard decision, but to love your child enough to do so is very inspiring and noble. Otherwise, it is also hard to be a single parent, but the love your child gives you is like no other, and being a mother is a wonderful and amazing thing. Your life changes absolutely, but in a way you can never imagine. I hope this helps you. If you do decide to have an abortion, please do yourself a favor and go to abortionfacts.com before hand. You can get all the facts. And one last bit of advice about men. It is not your fault that he tricked you like he did, but he obviously did it to get one thing out of you, sex. As a valuable, unique and amazing woman, you need someone who sees you for more than just a sexual object. If you do not want a man to see you that way, do not give sex away until you have a strong committment from him, such as marriage. Be friends first, date second, and be clear to him about how you wish to be treated. Make him prove that he is good for you. If he doesn’t want to stay around for that, trust me, he is not worth it and you would never be happy. And most importantly, be happy with who and what you are on your own, a man will never make you happy if you are not happy with yourself. Overall, be courageous, take chances, choose wisely, and go forward with whatever you have to in life. I hope and pray that you will find the correct answer to all you need. Remember, one person is praying for you!


    what a jerk! i do not think you should forgive him…what he did is unforgivable and no matter what happens you can never trust him. but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your baby. lots of single moms do it…i’m sure it can be hard (i’m on the verge of being a single mom and i’m scared too) but it can be very rewarding too. even though he betrayed you this is still your child. you have to make this choice for yourself but one thing is for sure…do not make any decisions you could regrett when you are upset and desperate!



    I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I really hate it when guys don’t take care of their responsibilities. Even though you might not want to hear this, you can have your baby without him. Like the saying goes "you can do bad by yourself." You’re pregnant by a married man, which is stressful enough, so you don’t need the added stress of dealing with his crap. I hope that you have some family members or close friends that can help you with your pregnancy and raising your child. If you have any questions or you wanna talk just send me an e-mail. aprilnbeckley@yahoo.com. I’m pregnant too, so I can relate to that part. E-mail me, I would love to hear from you.



    I was an unmarried mother of two children ( my son is 35 this year and my daughter is 27 years old ) I was hurt very deeply and had no faith in men for many years until I met my husband ( we have been married 17 years now) I wouldn’t change what happened to me I Love my son and daughter so much and I am a grandmother as well my son has 3 children ( a girl and two little boys ) my daughter has a little boy. So try to look to the future your happiness is there. Forget this man he will only hurt you again any man who is not faithful to his marriage vows the first time will continue to hurt who ever he is with maybe for the rest of his life. I would not go to his poor wife it is not her fault, and his other children get hurt. Believe me there is a wonderful man out there who will love you and the beautiful life you have growing in your womb , you can do it , you can get through this . I will Pray for you and your little bubby God Bless .

    Cheryl ( Mother and Grandmother ) from Australia


    Hi! Well my name is Angie and I think that I may be pregnant but I,m not sure because right when he was getting ready to come his mom come knocking at the door,but I heard that you can still come out pregnant because of his pre-come.Also we are having problems and took a time out because he was having baby mama drama with his ex and she told him that if she found out that he was deeing me that he can’t see his boys.Please help me I don’t know what to do and I think that it’s to soon to find out if I’m pregnant because it’s been only 10 days and we had sex 5 days before my period.




    im only 15 but if i were you i wouldnt forgive this man if he lies to you he’s not good enough for you you should tell his wife your situation and see what she says… abortion is not an opption its not the tiny baby growing inside you
    that has lied to you babys are miracles and should never be killed by abortion there is alot of support out there fore single mothers so my advice to you is lose the guy and concentrate on the life you have inside you

    4 months pregnant


    im 14 yrs old and my period only lasted for three days. i haven’t taken a home test yet. should i take one. i had sex with my boyfriend but he didn’t ejaculate. can still i be pregnant?

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