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      okay…heres the thing, I’ve heard that sometimes you can scare yourself into having symptoms but this is what i’ve been feeling…IF i am pregnant I’ll probabley be a month. but, the thing thats confusing me is, right aftr the day i had sex i had my period. can it be possible for me to still have my period even if im just a day pregnant? this has happened to me before and i asked an experienced friend and she said "no" but im not really sure. and i would tell my partner but like i said this has happened to me before and when i told him the first time he tried to tell me that i have to get an abortion, and when i told him that wasnt gonna happen lets just say we didnt talk for 2-3 monthes. and im afraid to tell him now. but i want to be sure about it before i tell him again. its about that time of the month where i should be having my period again and im having cramps in my stomach like its coming but it hasnt came yet. is it possible to be pregnant and still have the effects of your period but without the actual blood? and how many months or weeks do these symptoms usually accure? so far my symptoms,(if they are) are craving (no food in particular just food ) and headaches and breast tenderness and I’ve been really sleepy during the past week. and i also noticed that I’ve been having to use the restroom a little more than normal. Is it too early to be feeling like this? or could it be just because my periods coming? but I’ve heard that it very rare but some woman still have their periods during their pregnacy. could i be one of them? like i said if im pregnant I’d most likly be one month. so get me back ladies i hope this info i’ve shared is enough to come to a conclusion. this was my last resort otherwise i would have asked someone whos close to me but im the one they come to for situations like this and they had no idea what to tell me. muchos gracias

      scared and confused


        When I was 17years old I got my period for 2 months and was pregnant. All thou at the time, I didn’t realize until now, that my periods were not regular. They were lighter and did not last as long. Go to the doctors, get a test or get those home pregnancy tests. The longer you wait, the more you will stress yourself out. Hope all goes well……

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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