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    hey everyone! im 15 and will soon be 16 but i might be pregnant. i kno that i had unprotected sex Apr. 15 and all and now im starting to have symptoms. is there a way to be certain??? yeah im going to go take a pg. test tmrw. but i need help. how wud i even tell the father?? i have had nausea, headaches, tiredness, hardening of stomach, mood swings, tender breast, raised body temp., implantation bleeding, im eating more than normally, i’ve started to break out(so gross!!!!), and frequent urination… im no sure… i just really need advice on all of this


    RELAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take a deep breath! You don’t even know for sure yet if your pregnant. Take it one thing at a time. First find out if your pregnant. Then we’ll talk.
    Let me know what happens!


    hey i found out… and i am… i told the father and he said it was impossibe and that he didnt "finish" it or w.e. and now hes saying that he wants a blood test to prove me wrong… idk….


    im sorry about that… guys r real jerks.. if u ever want to talk email me.


    Ok take a deep breath, speaking from experience, u probably cannot make the father be anymore involved then he wants to be until after the baby is born. Have you talked to your parents yet? I thought that it would be awful to tell mine, but they have been the most comfort out of anyone. Let me know a little bit more in detail and maybe i can answer some questions for you.


    A blood test is usually done early in pregnancy to make sure you are pregnant so don’t worry about hime wanting one. And if he didn’t finish, that doesnt make a difference. Small amounts of sprem are released the entire time you are having sex. And although it is difficult to get pregnant from just that, it is possible. That’s why withdrawl is not a recommended form of birth control. He may just be really scared at this moment. That is a lot of responsibity thrown at him all at once. If he wants a paternity test, go for it. Don’t be angry that he wants one. I know that it hurts to think that he doesn’t trust you, but if it will prove to him that he is the father and make him step up and help, then it is worth it. I got pregnant for the first time when i was 17. And even though my now husband knew it was his, his family pushed for a paternity test. But once our daughter wazs born they knew she was his and backed off. I hope that gives you some comfort. Sometimes it takes seeing the baby, whether through ultrasound, or after birth, for a father to step up and be involved. And do tell your parents, if you are in a safe situation to do so. Whichever one you are more comfortable with, go to them and let them know, then ask for help with the other. It’s better to tell them know than later. I know its hard, but being a teenage mom can be done, and with a little support its even easier. Take care and let me know how it goes.




    yah, i no the story….. just wait and see if he changes….. give it itme i guess.


    thanks everyone….. thanks for giving advice and helping me along…. i only live w/ my mom so i guess i will go to her. i hope it all turns out ok

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