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      hi everyone. I done know what people are going to think of me when i tell you what stupid mess i have got my self into but here goes.,,,,,
      ive just found out im pregnant im 19years old and im still with my bf that i have been with for 4 years. i love him loads but recently we have been going through bad patches and my bf cheated on me a long time ago i never got over it at all. so i thought i would do it back to him. now i have found out im pregnant i dont know who the father is. i came on the 13 or the 14th january and come of on the 18th january, i slept with this guy on 25th january and i was due on this month but im pregnant. i dont know who’s it is. ive been told different things that it cant be the one night stand’s baby because ive got to be over 3 weeks to find out, ive been told that it cant be his because its got to be within 5 days of my last period and ive also been told that it has to be either on the 12day through to the 16th day after my period. i really need help and i want the baby to be my bf because he is so excited and i love him so much and have made the biggest mistake. please help me:( :unsure:


        Don’t believe anything your friends tell you about it not being possible. The only one that can give you solid advice about that is a doctor, and even then, they aren’t likely to know positively. The timing is so close. I’d tell your boyfriend the truth. It will give him time to work through his feelings before the birth. Also, if he cheated on you, he may be more apt to forgive you. I wish you luck in this sticky situation.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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