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    So me&my boyfriend have decided on two names.
    Girl; Lillian DiBenedetti
    Boy; Thomas Douglas DiBenedetti III
    I want a middle name for Lillian. Were going to call her Lily. We got the name from his best friends daughter[and we both liked it before anyway] and that Lilys middle name is Mae which I love but I dont want to TOTALLY copy them.
    My middle name is Rose so i was think Lillian Rose, but would two flowers sound dumb??
    I need some opinions&ideas if you dont mind[:


    Aww I absolutely love those names (:
    And to be honest my mind is kinda blank at the moment so I can’t give you any ideas but I think that Lillian Rose is still good (:
    If it sounds good to you and you like it then it’ll be fine (:


    Helloo.. im new to this :), I think lilly rose is realy cute and not dumb atall! what about your mums name or the babys dads mums name ? xxx

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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