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    ok i know frequent urination is normal during pregnancy but mine is really bad and i’m wondering if anyone is the same? i’m 12 weeks so the need to go to the toilet should be lessening up and its fine when im just relaxing about the house…but whenever i go anywhere, walking while i’m shopping or whatever i need to go to the toilet all the time. Like i literally run to the toilet every five mins and straight after i come out i need to go again! its gotten to the point that i dont want to go anywhere because its so damn uncomfortable!! so is this really just a symptom? i know its not an infection cuz i got it checked out but if theres anything i can do to stop it please help 🙁


    hey liquidsunshine! the frequent urination comes from your growin uterus pressing against your urinary bladder thats why you have to go pee every 5 minutes even though you might not have any pee left lol….im not sure wut you can do about it cuz ive never been preggers but maybe some ladies here who have been or are might be able to help you on that one…..good luck!;)


    Hi liquid, i hate to tell you this but it doesn’t lessen it up. I’m 14 weeks and have to go more and more. Try leaning forward when you are using the bathroom that way you get more out cuz you are pushing on your bladder instead of sitting up. But don’t stop drinking liquids your baby needs the nutrients it gets from the liquid.


    I remember when I was pregnant having to get up and pee in the middle of the night and I would go and lay back down and have to pee again. It was the worst…..and I don’t remember it getting better until I gave birth. Sorry…Best of luck. Jessica


    Haha you are so normal… no matter if it’s irritating. You should be out of the stage within the next month, but not much sooner. And hey- you get to go through it again in your third trimester!

    You should only be worried if you feel like you have frequent urination but don’t have to go, or you have pain/stinging while urinating, as these can be a sign of a UTI(Urinary Tract Infection).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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