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    lavinia garrido

    i am married,mi had 1 baby ,,weell heres my problemm,,,1 month after I labor ,,i was using pills,,until dec,, and i stopeed on january,,me and muy hubby were having sex after my period on feb,1,2011,and he came into me,,and after that i have on feb, 24-28,,4 days only,how quick,i actually have my period 6 to 7 days,,i mean have a normal period,,and then i have boyfriend nota actually boyfriend,,we were having sex after my perion,it was on march 1,,and using withdrawal method,,and after 1 week on march 7,2011,i am bleeding until now,,its been my 2days now,,and i dont understand,,if somethings wrong with me,,or am i pregnant?if i am pregnant with who?my hubby or my something bf? somebody help me???????

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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