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    my boyfriend and me constantly fight..we cant get along..plus hes emotionally abusive..but he only hit me a few times..not hard or anything..but idk we keep fighting and we kinda broke up today…idk wat to do..how am i gonna have this baby like by myself you know..idkk help?


    :whistle: Try to make it work out with your boyfriend…try to make it the best..

    I have some solutions for you that might work.

    1. get councelling
    2. sit down and have a talk with your boyfriend and make it serious!
    3. Tell him that you don’t like him hitting on you and you don’t want him to hit you infront of your child

    ***I would say that you should get back with your boyfriend and tell him that it is important for that baby to have his father and you want to make that relationship the best you can…

    young wife 23

    hi hun im 23 married and im 18wks pregnant with my first baby. my husband would never lay a finger on me and if he did id be outer there straight away if your boyfriend has hit you he doesnt love you and he cant love that baby either. you need to put yourself and the baby first and there is loads of single mothers out there who cope but you cant let him hit you what if he hurts the baby that baby is your flesh and blood.


    ok i dont knwo what u are going through but iof he hits u and youyr havin his baby maybe it is best if you arnt together and just friends i know that it is workin out for my aunt and shes 32 but maybe just maybe yall can work it out


    Hi there, I can only say " Been the done that>" My ex husband seemed like a dem come true, I was in college, about to transfer, h was 3 years older , military! I had my son no thanks to him. It ended up being a disatster. It stareted s emotional abuse but quickly led to beatings once I moved to a different state. I was married to him for 10 years, he beat me countless times my son witnessed more than he should have, I finally divorced him almost 2 years ago and I am the happiest I have been in years. I did it on my own having left him sevearal tines ect. You can do it on your own, they will only drag you down and I too told myself a child need 2 parents when in reality a child only needs a loving parnt nothing good goo can come from an abusive relationship and if he is serious he will go to counseling, luck yo you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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