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    so basically i need some advice. I am 18 years old and a freshman in college, for nursing. I live in a dorm and get "okay" grades. In august, right before school started i found out i was pregnant. I decided on getting an abortion. i just couldnt think of any other solution. I have been with my boyfriend for 4 months. Now, it is november, and unfortunatly, i think i am pregnant again. I havent had a test yet. and i know that is the first step, but assuming that i am pregnant, i dont know what to do. My parents had me when they were both 15, so i was raised by my grandmother and lived with her my whole life. I am so scared because she raised me as a "good girl" . She has no idea i have ever had sex and i feel terrible for disappointing her. i dont know what to do next? i know how i felt after the first abortion, which was terrible. i cant just keep gettin abortions to solve my problem. but i feel that i have so much more of a future. im in school…how can i take care of a baby? where will i go? how is my family going to react? i know alotta people on here have been thru alotta situations…and hopefully someone can give me their input…help…what should i do? 🙁


    I truely feel your anguish… I know that this decision is not easy but what you need to remember, if you are pregnant, is this is a life growing inside of you and it didn’t ask to be born. You took that responsibility on yourself. It might be hard to raise a child and go to school but many many women have done it and done it well. Including myself.

    I posted a forum on here a few days ago which is my abortion story…it is called abortion changed my life. I think you need to read it. You need to remember how you felt after you aborted your first child. I am not trying to lecture you on what is right and what is wrong but I have been there. And now I have a beautiful daughter and my husband wanted me to abort her. I also am pregnant with a baby boy who my mom wanted me to abort but I am so happy that I decided to keep him because I couldn’t put another child through that, let alone myself.
    Good luck in all your decisions
    God loves you and your child

    gina lynn

    i know what your are going through im twenty years old and i should be a junoir in college but im taking a year off to have my baby. it was a hard decision but the right one for me. you should consider that option as well. you can always continue back and finish school after the baby’s born. and there is always daycare for while you are in class. im sure your family would support your decision, as mine has. they may be upset at first but they are your family and they will come around. it seems to me that god must really want you to be a mother at this time, since you became pregnant twice. i suggest that you trust in him and accept the little baby that he has blessed you with. write me back if you wanna chat more.


    As disgusting as it may seem to our feeble minds…ugh..our parents have sex and even WORSE our grandparents have sex and whether they achknowledge it to you or not they know YOU have sex. Their not stupid of naive they just choose to be..so as much as you swear to the sky that she doesn’t know…believe me I have found out from being a mom for only 5 years how smart moms really are and moms get their advise from moms so that would mean that grandma’s are even smarter. Don’t repeat the same mistake twice. If God is giving you babies right left and center they are their for a reason..you never know you may be harboring the next Albert Einstein. Have you ever wondered why God hasn’t sent us the master minds to solve AIDS, Cancer and all the other fatal deseases out there…He probably did and we aborted them.
    If you have this baby and he acomplishes nothing worth a Nobel Peace Prize, remember that he saved you .


    What about Adoption to a loving family that cant have kids…
    Having abortions all the time can also stop you from conceiving in the future


    Please don’t have another abortion because you are afraid of disappointing your grandma. Adoptin is a wonderful choice if you decide not to abort but that you cannot parent.

    Opne adoptin allows you to have control – to choose the family – too see pictures- to know that your child is ALIVE!

    And it can be true that multiple abortions can lead to infertility- And I have infertility- trust me – there is NOTHING ON EARHT worse than wanting a child and not being able to have one when you are ready. THANK GOD my sons birthparents didn’t abort him!! We have a fully open adoption and I know my son’s birthparents don’t regret their decision becuase THEY TELL US!
    Now we despereately want another and we just pray that more girls like you will choose adoption over abortion.

    Good luck sweetheartAnd if you want to keep this baby you can find a way!

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