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    Well, here’s my story.. I’m 18 and currently a college freshman. I’ve been on Birth Control pills for the past 2 months and missed about 3 days. My boyfriend is 19. Him and I have been dating for almost 3 years now. We had intercourse about 2 weeks ago and we both made sure he wore protection. Now, for some reason…i’ve been having these so called pregnancy symptoms… really tired, urinating more than usual, i get nauseous more often but don’t actually vomit, my stomach has been hurting and my stress levels are above normal! I’ve been meaning to buy a pregnancy test but I’m kind of in denial. because.. how in the world could I get pregnat with BC pills and condoms? ….. this can’t be possible.:blink:

    My boyfriend and I have talked about this long before we started having intercourse.. we are really open to each other when it comes to these kinds of things. and he said that his father told him that if he ever got a girl pregnant to not even bother and come to show his face around him again. My boyfriends parents already lost a son to what they think was his wife’s fault for cheating on him. SOoo.. they do not want my boyfriend around if that ever happens. and then the other day, I heard my mother say that if I ever get pregnant that I was to go live with my boyfriend at his place..:( …. where am I supposed to go if I’m positive?…

    Now, my boyfriends view was that he would want me to abort. But I told him it was just not in me. That if i were to abort a child I would be basically aborting my self (I’m very emotional) So, he settled for adoption, and well… I really didn’t mind at the time… but,… I really want a child, just not until I’m ready to fully take care of it. and It will be hard for me to go on in this world knowing that my child is out there in another mothers arms… in another families home… I know it would be the best for now… but it makes me feel terribly sad not being able to offer that myself.

    My boyfriend is currently looking for a job… he’s trying really hard to start a college. He’s not into the whole baby thing until he’s 30 he says. He’s currently struggling for himself… how can he struggle for him, me and a baby? … where can we go, where can we live? and the worst thing is… i think he wouldn’t even want to stay with me if I decide to keep the child….:( I really love him… and If i come out positive I don’t want him to go through this… even though this would be when I need him the most… I’m really sad… and I keep crying whenever i think about it. Does anyone have any advice for me?


    it sounds like this is really playing on your mind!
    weather u want to keep your child or not is ur decision no1 elses! its your child u make the decisions.
    as for your family they would most likely go mad at first but they would come round … your there daughter they wouldnt want to lose you and im sure they wud support wotever decision u made!
    gud luck and keep us posted


    I would like to tell you that some pregnancies have occured while birth control was used. Birth control fails a lot of the time and you wouldn’t be the first. You’re not sure if your pregnant now, but waiting until you show up late for your period then going to get a blood test done at your doctors will give you an immediate answer. Then you can take it slowly with your decisions from there.

    It does seem scary to be pregnant while still young, I understand. There’s a lot of things to consider but if you are pregnant, I want you to know that you can do this. Many young girls have found themselves in your position and have had your same worries and state in life. At first it may seem overwhelming, but everything will sort itself out in time.

    There are resources available to you from the state and local child service agencies. There is a hotline you can call, 1800-395-HELP, which you can call now. They can put you in touch with a local center where assistance is available to you to get started and tell you how you can get a free test done. You will find loving support there, and they will not pressure you into abortion. They can discuss your options and even allow you to see your baby on ultrasound. They can even have someone be with you when you tell your family about your possible pregnancy. But those are things you can look into once you find out whether your pregnant or not.

    Whatever you do, don’t set yourself up to believe that aborting your baby is the answer. There are so many stories where young girls have said, “If I only knew I had other choices I wouldn’t have aborted.” , “If I only knew where to turn to get assistance I wouldn’t have been afraid to fight for my baby.” , “If I only had someone in my life to give me the courage, love and support I needed, I wouldn’t have felt pressured to abort.”
    If you absolutely cannot raise your child for financial reasons, the most loving alternative is adoption. Abortion will never be a loving alternative. You certainly would be aborting part of yourself.

    Get your blood test done and then stay in touch with this site. We can help guide you slowly and carefully through the next step.

    I will be praying for you,

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