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      Hello everyone. I just found this site. I am a fairly new mom-to-be. My husband and I are 18 weeks. We are both extremely happy. But inside, I am terrified. Not of being a new mom, but that something might happen to my baby during the "in the womb" period. That is all I think about. I have never been more nervous and anxious about something before. The ultrasound was good, the doctor isn’t worried, but I am. I can not seem to calm my nerves. Anyone else experience this? Help:dry:


        i know how you feel…but i have yet to get an utlrasound(i am about 14 wks), i have a doc appointment today at 3:30 and should get one then, but i am still so worried that there is something wrong with my baby….no matter if your baby is fine and your doctor even confirms it we will still worried because we can’t control the way the baby develops when it is inside our belly…..the worrying is perfectly normal…trust me, almost all pregnant women worry about their baby….


          i think all moms-to-be go through that stage. it gets better but its always something we worry about. the baby’s well being has just become so important and we become so attatched. but it does begin to lose some strength once we get father along and realize that the baby starts looking after his/herself a little and the dr’s keep a good eye on them. at 18 weeks your baby is getting stronger everyday and is getting close to viability if anything were to happen. everything will be fine! just ask your dr lots of questions and let him know how youre feeling! good luck!!!!

          39 weeks 1 day


            Thank you for your responses. Im working hard on not worrying. It’s hard to relax and enjoy being pregnant!!! 🙂


              😛 yeah girly it is not healthy to stress your self out worring while you are pregnant. silly silly silly girl. dont worry i think all moms/ moms-to-be get like that. i am worried something will happen to this baby and i dont even know if i am pregnant or not!!!!!!!!!see you are not alone.


                previous to my pregnancy now, i have had 2 iscarriages. right when i found out i was pregnant with this baby i was scared to go through the pain all over again. I prayed to God that the baby would be strong and make it and put it all in his hand to take care of me if she didnt make it. that is all you can do. to worry yourself sick will not make things better. try to pray and just trust that no matter what, you will be taken care of. try to find that inner peace. listen to calming sounds or meditate. pray alot and try to only think posotive thoughts. i know it is hard but the day i prayed and prayed i got this overwelming sense of peace and never again through the pregnancy had a worry. i knew God’as hand was on me and i learned to trust him with my whole heart, becasue nothing in this life is guarenteed. all you can do is believe and have faith. no i am a week til my delivery date and never thinking i could have a child, i feel this is a miracle and i will always be greatful. i will pray for you both.

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