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    hey girls! ok so im 20yrs.old and i just found out that im pregnant…and the good news is that my boyfriend is totally supportive and is ready to be by my side every step of the way…hes in the army and we will be moving here shortly to the base somewhere in Kentucky i think…we will also be getting married because both of us want to be married so we can do this together..i will also have excellent health insurance for me and the baby…the bad news is that noone in my family knows any of this yet…and i know they are going to flip the moment i am working 2 jobs and im not in college yet..but it is one of my goals for my life. i live with my aunt and uncle because my mother passed away when i was 15..but i know that they are going to hate me and be very disappointed in me…i just know that i would never be able to have an abortion and i dont want to stay here and raise it on my own…i realy hope that they can realize that we are being mature about this by moving out and getting married and wanting to be great parents and not have to depend on our families to help us. another bad thing is that we have only been together for a few months…and although i care alot about him im not sure that im in love with him…but i know that this whole experience will bring us realy close…so if u guys could give me some advice on how to tell my family and also if u think im doing the right thing…thankyou so much 🙂



    Congratulations! I’m glad to hear that your boyfriend is being supportive, caring and responsible for the pregnancy. Raising children within a loving marriage with a father and mother is obviously the ideal situation. I think that it will be good for your baby’s father to be in your life and in your child’s life. However, marriage is wonderful, but sometimes difficult. If you aren’t sure you love him or have doubts about marriage don’t rush the decision because of the pregnancy. Marriage is not a decision to be taken lightly.

    You both sound like you are taking a mature, responsible approach to the situation. You’re relatives may be upset and dissapointed at first, but I bet they will come around after a little while and be supportive of you. I’m not sure how to tell them. When I was younger and had a couple of pregnancy scares I dreaded the thought of having to tell my family. This time both my family and my husband’s family were practically begging for grandchildren so it wasn’t difficult to give them the news. Would it help for your boyfriend to be with you to break the news about your pregnancy and engagement to your relatives? I would probably set down together and share the news. At least he could be there for support if things get rough.



    congratulations! when i found out i was pregnant i SO dreaded telling my parents…joe n i started dating dec 24…that was also the first day of my last period-but i knew him for a while before that! but they still werent thrilled! i was going to wait until after my first doctors appointment so they could see i was being mature and responsible about it but my mom could apparently "hear it in my voice" so i never had to tell them but just remember that youve thought this through and this is what you want and when they see that you are responsible and can handle it. and theyll come around it might take some time but they will

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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