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    I’m 17 and my boyfriend is 16. We have been together for 6 months and we have been talking about having a baby for quite some time now. We both really want to have a baby and already have names chosen for them and everything. We are planning on waiting a few months to try to get pregnant so that the baby will be born after I graduate. Seeing as how I don’t plan on going to college, I only have one more year of school left, so I would be able to get a full-time job after I graduate. My boyfriend has 3 years of high school left, but he could get a part-time job after school to help out as well. My mom was 15 and my dad was 17 when I was born (this was a planned pregnancy as well), so they have already told me that they would be here for me if I were to become pregnant. I’ve even told my mom that I am in love with my boyfriend and that we plan on having a life and family together and she seemed very happy and supportive. I’ve seen my boyfriend around children several times and they bring so much joy to him, so I know he would be a very loving and caring father and I already know that he is a loving and caring boyfriend. His parents are also both loving and caring people and his mom is dying for a grandchild. But my question is: How do you know when you’re really ready to have and take care of a baby?

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