how bad is stress for the baby?

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    Raquel Ragon

    ok so…
    im getting REALLY stressed out from my boyfriend… and last night i left him.

    but we still are kind of talking…just the things he says stresses me out soo much.

    so i was wondering how bad is that for the baby?
    i dont even know if im pregnant yet but i just want to make sure..

    nadia maheter

    stress in general is’nt good and for a preggi mom it can cause a miscarraige in the early stages and pre term labour too in the later stages…
    so dont stress ok for ur own and (if ur preg) ur baby…
    relax.. do things that u enjoy to take ur mind off it and im real sorry to hear about u and ur boyfriend…
    wish u the best xoxo

    Raquel Ragon

    that really sucks
    because im stressed as a mofo

    ugh. so it can really cause miscarriges?!

    Kerry Atkinson

    stress is not good for you or the baby it increase the heart beat f the baby i think. Read up abit on it. I’ve also heard that when you stress the baby gets it too and a friend of ours about 40+ yo when she had her baby and grew up she asked her if she stressed alot when she was pregnant coz she sensed something etc and it was true!

    nadia maheter

    yeah it really can… heavy stress that is..

    Kinsey Lawrence

    Yeah stress is NO GOOD for you or the baby! First off it gives you horrible headaches when you stress enough! Second off it does make the babies heat rate speed up, and that isn’t good as you can imagine!

    Relax! Do things you enjoy! That is Key!

    olivia lachelier

    its SO hard to avoid stress. especially when your in a stressful relationship, or when your working 2 jobs and going to school like i am. when i was first pregnant and didnt know i got into a fight with a girl at school & won, but i got crazy and really angry & worked up which im afraid put stress on the baby.

    Kylie Jarvis

    Stress is not good. It can cause misscarriage or pre-term birth… I have been stressing alot with this pregnancy because my mother has been dragging me through the courts. I had a bleed and my symptoms dissapeared. I didnt miscarry thank goodness, but it can happy. Try to think of something happy.

    Amelie Poulain

    In the early stages of the first trimester, everytime i had a stressful conversation I would cramp and have extreme nausea. It was really weird but proved the stress factor for me. Whenever I distanced myself from the father and learned to temporarily shut him out of my mind I would feel tremendously better. My back would loosen up and the nausea would stop etc. BUT, as soon as i spoke to the baby’s father again I would get worked up and ill. It was REALLY weird.
    Try to learn how to make the boyfriend an ‘out of site, out of mind’ thing, so that you only have to feel the stress when he is actually around…then you are in more control, and YOU and YOUR stress levels are THE most important thing 🙂

    good luck 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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