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    So I have been off the site for about a week now because I’ve been too busy but I got on today and my heart just broke.A 15-16 year old girl that has been publicly stating that she is trying to conceive got pregnant and then to make matters worse the father has no interest. At first I was angry. I don’t know why because I will never actually meet this person. I guess I was angry with myself because at the end of the day I can only make so much of a difference. I know that I searched my heart to find to right words to say to convince her to wait and they had no impact. I am at a loss. I know people will do what they want but it’s so hard to witness something go from a thought to an action to a fact and realize no matter how many experiences I shared and how much prayer I put in for this girl things still ended up this way. A child is such an amazing blessing and this one will bless her as much as anyone else’s. I just hope that she will gain the maturity to realize what an amazing girt and responsibility she has brought on herself. I am in shock 🙁


    True..i think alot of girls out there dont think of the results and just do things in the spare of the moment. They think having a baby will be good because someone will love them. I hope she thinks about her situation too…Prayers!


    Hmm, I agree.I’m nearly 16,and I got pregnant totally by accident,it was completely unplanned. I can’t wait to have my baby but this certainly isn’t the ideal time to have a child.Still,I’ll love my baby and try to cope.The thought of delibrately conceiving at this age just would never cross my mind

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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