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    Hey everyone!!!I’m 16 years old and expecting my little man in june, :).I don’t know if i should let my baby’s dad in his life or not because he not the best person to be around. i’m giving him a chance but when the first time i saw him since the day he got me pregnant, was at my first ultrasound, he seemed excited but he would harldly look at me. i mean i can understand because if he even said hello to me my mom would have hurt him , but still. i talked to him a little after and i could see he matured somewhat. I’m just really praying and hoping he grows up. The thing is though is that we had planned on me getting pregnant just not the first time. we never should have come up with that plan. My mom sugested he write a letter to me, which he never did so i wrote one to him and i asked some q’s. i just don’t know what to do, i don’t feel like i love him but i feel connected to him though our son. thank s for listening!! sorry it’s so long!!


    hey congrats on ur pregnancy,my baby also due in june! in my opinion men omly get better or worse wen the time cums to face the reality of their actions and it seems ur man wants to be in your babies life coz he is trying to change 4 d better….


    Hey 🙂 congrats on deciding to give your baby life 🙂 my advice would be that if he has changed to give him a chance to be in your child’s life, but if you do not love him then please, do not stay with him just for the sake of your son. he could still play an active role while remaining friends with you.


    hi congrats on ur baby boy and well whether or no u get along with him or if ur parents dont want him around thats not their decisoin to make and ur son deserves to know his father …and ur right u dont have to love him but u r always and forever gonna b conneted to him through ur son…so why not make the best of it hope this helps.


    I agree with the girls on this one, don’t be with him if there is nothing there. Maybe its the mixed feelings of pregnancy? Anyways if he changes he can play an active roll, your little boy would love for his daddy to be around. He may not know it now but he will. They say a women becomes a mom when she gets pregnant and a dad becomes a dad when he holds his baby. Maybe he is just confused now that it has happened, maybe he is scared?
    Anyways congrats my birthday is in June :laugh: :laugh: June 17th.
    When’s the date of your babys ?
    Have you picked out a name ?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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