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    !!:P lol…Love you guys and im here for any one of you that every want to talk, need advice, or help in any way!!!..



    that is exactly right. Girls are told how hard is it to look after a baby and its going to wreck ur life..all the negative things but when u weigh up the positives and negatves the positives outweight the neg ALOT!! anyone can do it, you’ve just gotta put the work into it, they it is all worth it.

    Congrats on the birth and she is absolutely gorgeous…


    That was just waaay too sweet. I feel totally empowered by your words…thank you so much.


    Congratulations, and thanks for the wonderful words of encouragement!!


    wow that just brightened my day that was really inspirational am soo looking forward to one day having a baby of my own…your baby is beautiful!!! good for you girl!! God bless…:)


    aww yay awsomee ill never let anyone bring me down =]


    hi Christina I’m new here and would like to share a little story with you:laugh: well for starters my name is Tian and I’m 16 years old even though i should wait a while i want a baby now but I’m kinda scared cause it’s been 6 months of trying and still no baby:( i think maybe something is wrong though i hope not, i never knew trying to conceive was so hard , but anyway i was wanted some words of advice. also your family is very beautiful and congrats on your baby girl:)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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