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    Tash Constable

    i dont actually know if im writing this in the right place but to everyone who is pregnant and is doubting whether or not they can bring up a child, U CAN DO IT! it is true u can do anything u put ur mind to.
    I found out i was pregnant when i had just turned 16, and i felt all the emotions uve all experienced: sad, angry, confused, embarrassed, and the list goes on. i admit i thought about abortion but in the end i knew i had to have my baby. it was hard telling people but i was surprised by the amount of people who supported me. Of course there were the idiots who turned their backs but u get over it.
    I continued my schooling by correspondence for nearly two years and have just finished college at the same time as everyone else my age (im from new zealand and i think our college is high-school in america and stuff).
    i have now been accepted into a polytech (like university- i duno if they have it overseas) with a small scholarship to help my pay for it so my future is looking very bright! i have a part time job on weekends to help with bills etc and im lucky enuff to still be with the father. even though ive had sum support it is only me who has brought me to where i am today.
    Even if you cant finish school the greatest achievement of all is to bring up ur child in a loving and caring environment!
    im now 18 and my son is 15months old, and ive neva regretted having him.

    ashley amaya

    i love hearing inspiring stories like urs. and i truly agree, it is up TO YOU!!

    i found out i was pregnant last may, finished out my last year of school, went to summer school all summer, and took an online class to graduate early. i just finished school dec 10th, at 35 weeks pregnant! and iam so PROUD to know that im still accomplishing things with my life! girls, YOU DONT HAVE TO BE A STATISTIC!! u CAN rise above them and prove everyone wrong about young teen moms!!! my hubby is out of state in the military n ive only seen him twice during my whole pregnancy, my baby girl is due in 11 days and i cannot wait!!

    DONT GIVE UP!! 🙂

    Kerry Atkinson

    I love reading about these motivational stories and know that it DOES help some girls out there make the right choice for their child.

    olivia lachelier

    yeah im kinda lost. i feel like giving up even though i want the best for my baby, I just want to drop out, get my ged and go to college. I have two years left, and im 17. I stayed back twice and im supposed to be graduating this yr. It really really sucks. I’d rather get my ged now, go to college, take care of my baby after its born in May, finish my community service, work full time and save up money, and get to see my boyfriend more often. I’d rather drop out and go with my plan B then spend 2 more years in high school and graduate when im 19!! =[ idk what to do i feel so lost… well meanwhile im still in school but i feel like theres no point in going if im going to drop out….

    Shelby Corpening

    kez_mummy_2_skye wrote:

    I love reading about these motivational stories and know that it DOES help some girls out there make the right choice for their child.

    Neysa Peterson

    I don’t think it would be all that bad if you do drop out…i mean i know it sounds horrible to a lot of people…but in the long run the important thing is that you go to college and get a career to take care of your child and you definately can go to college with a GED. If you have the will power finish high school but if you feel a GED is the right path for you then you should go for it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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