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    Hello. My name is Breanne and Im 18 years old now and a freshman in college. Im just lucky to be here right now.
    When I was 16 years old and a junior in high school, I met one of the most perfect guys I could have ever asked for. He was caring, sensitive and always tried to make me happy. One day we started dating and things were turning out great. We moved alot quicker then i thought we did but I didnt care because my friends were already having sex so I figured there would be no difference in me doing it. I thought I was truly in love with my boyfriend that I started having sex with him after only two weeks. Needless to say we went to Planned Parenthood because I wanted to start birth control so I wouldnt get pregnant. I didnt think that it was a big deal to not use a condom when having sex because I was on the pill.
    We continued to have unprotected sex and at the end of april into the beginning of may i began to feel really sick and grew more and more tired. I had missed my period in March and got a little nervous but when I saw that I had it in April I was relieved. Almost everyday for 2 weeks straight I was "having my period". Every second always having to go to the bathroom and feeling sick to my stomach. But the worst part is yet to come. The "period" that I thought I was having was not the period that we all usually expect. I was internally bleeding because I had gotten pregnant and it was stuck inside my fallopian tube. I continued to think it was just my period but one day when i came home from school everything changed. I started to not feel good and it felt like I had to throw up almost every second. I knew something wasnt right. My mom came in and asked me if i had sex with my boyfriend and I said yes. She immediately took me to the hospital and I was put into a room where I was hooked up to all the IV’s. It took the doctor 4 hours to get to where I lived because I had an ectopic pregnancy. I battled through the whole ordeal with my boyfriend by myside and my parents trying to do what was best. I was crying and I can only remember myself telling the doctors "please do not let me die tonight."
    I woke up from my emergency surgery and the doctor told me that I was lucky to be alive. If i hadnt come into the hospital that afternoon I wouldnt have made it through the night. The whole experience taught me that having sex early can spin your whole life around whether its for the good or the bad.


    Thank you for sharing your heart with us all…..and thank God you are alive…my daughter was a tubal pregnancy as well but her and I both lived….she slipped out of my tube somewhere areound 6 to 8 weeks and replanted…..I have a history of tubals in my family and I had put that on my paperwork when I went to see a gynecologist to find out what was going on with me….I had been sick like you described and I had had a urine and a blood test at the hospital that both came back negative…that is why I was at the doctor to do a follow up…the intake nurse had my give a urine sample for a preg test….I told her that I had had a blood and urine test 2 weeks earlier that were negative and that I had not had sex since then….well it turned positive and I made her do 2 more tests….because of my history and the circumstances they sent me straight in for an ultra-sound….I had severe scaring in my left tube…..My little girl is a miracle from God and I thank Him often for her…..I believe that God allowed me to be pregnant with her because when I was 3 1/2 months along my mom killed herself and I found her body…had I not been pregnant I may have done the same thing…..God has a different plan for all of us and I strongly believe that He doesnt allow conception before marriage as a blessing I believe He allows it to do a work in and through our lives…..I always say that I deserved AIDS but God in His grace gave me children instead…when I got pregnant with my son I made the choice to not have sex again until I was married….I got married in November and our first time was our wedding night…I went 3 1/2 years with no sex and it was worth the wait…..I am really sorry for what you had to go through but I am glad that your eyes have been open to what sex before marriage can do to you….married women can have tubals and misscarriages to dont get me wrong but having a husband to support you through it is a big difference adn you dont feel guilty either.. once again thank you for sharing and may the Lord bless you with a little one when you are married one day…..Meg

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