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    Ok so i had unprotected sex 3 times during my ovulation period . . totally forgetting thats when i ovulated. the past week i been having some symptoms i dont normally have for my period. my period was due yesterday 10/15, i bleed for less than a day the day before and it was gone that night, now nothing?! could it have been implantation bleeding? my period normally lasts 4 – 5 days. i took a test yesterday morning, the day it stopped and the day i was due but it was neg. it was also a generic cheap brand. please help! im sooo confusedd . . . i really appreciate all the advice i can get! ! ! thanks so muchhh . . :huh:

    kate Sydik


    I would wait another week or two and take another pregnancy test just to be sure. If you are not ready to be pregnant I would consider choosing not to have sex. However, for the future if you continue to be sexually active you might want to consider using birth control. Good luck.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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