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    [b]First of all, I’ll introduce myself- My name is Krisa and here is my question. Okay about a week before last months period my boyfriend didn’t pull out in time, but a week later i did get my period. I started to urinate a lot more and eat A LOT more lol. Then I did get my period this month, but i didn’t get the bad cramping before it like I usually do, and it lasted the 4 days it usally does, then was gone for 2 days and came back one morning and stopped that afternoon, i don’t know why it did that and it has never done that before? Could there be a reason why? I’ve been extremely moody, i get irritated at things that shouldn’t bother me at all…I don’t know if I could be pregnant or not! someone please give me some advice!!!!



    Hey girl i’m just exactly like u i get moody and i drag about everything and everything makes me feel bad and i urinate more frequently today it was my last day om my Period i had sex on 7-3-05 and the 1 st time i did’t without condom it was on this date the 3rd of july and the 1 st time it was on may the 26th and yeah he did ejaculate inside of me soo last month i was suppose 2 have my period on the 10th or the 11 th it’s one of those day’s and !!!BAM!!! I get my period on the 3rd of july i actully get my periods on the 11th or the 10 th it’s one of those day’s and i”m never behind on my period i noticed that my breasts are a little twingle they look normal but they tingle a little bit i’m eating like !! u wont even belive it alot!!! well i guess we are on the same spot ok …. bye’ and i hope i could have u’r feed back ………………….. ANNA 😉 . OHH AND I’M 17

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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