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      well most of you know i lost my son almost 3 weeks ago and delivered him and everything. the bleeding went away for two days. and on the second day i had been drinking with two friends and my boyfriend came home. i dont remember having sex but he told me he tried pulling out and he was too late. i wasnt suppose to start birth control until today. so there was no protection but the next day the bleeding came back. is there any chances i could become pregnant from that again?? please dont judge me or say im lying, i just really need advice and dont know who to go to.


        I would say that there is not a big chance that you could be pregnant again… I mean, I guess it COULD happen, but really not likely.
        You know, hun, it’s really easy to over-do the drinking after a loss like what you went through, but try not to ok? Let your body recover from the trauma that it’s been through!
        I would say that the bleeding is probably your body saying that it’s not ready for sex just yet.
        How are you doing?


          hey i dont think u cud be preg coz u still bled the next day, also the body takes a while 2 adjust after births and miscarraige, the hormone levels need to stabalize and u wont be very fertile in this adjustment period

          im sooooo sorry for ur loss and i wish u d best xoxo

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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