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    I’m a 16 year old kid and I have a boyfriend, which is my first and also we really love each other. But everytime we meet, he pesters me to do those yea-you-know. Our parents know that we have a goal to aim: marriage. I want to leave him but at the same time I [size=5]hate[/size”> to leave him. We are 9 months now and I don’t know what to do. Advice needed!!


    So my question would be, are you sexually active with him, if not are you engaging in oral sex? If yes to either of these and you do not want to be doing these things then you need to tell your parents if he is pressuring you into doing this stuff, I think you have a good goal to be married before you do this stuff, do not be pressured into staying with him just because your parents want you two to get married, once you are married then it is a bad thing to get a divorce unless you are being physically cheated on or physically abused but it is better to not get married than to eventually get divorced…if you want to leave him then you need to do that, you should not stay with a boyfriend who is pressuring you to do things you don’t want, he is not respecting your body…talk to your parents, let them help you out…Love Meg


    Hi, I am afraid of being alone so that’s the reason why I have yet leave my boyfriend. I really really can’t leave him because I am afraid of doing everything without the companion of him. Any advice?


    You are going to have to face reality at some point, what you are dealing with is co dependency, You are afraid to be alone therefore you are making yourself willing to stay with someone you do not want to be with just so you are not alone, this is very unhealthy and you should really talk to someone about this, preferably someone who knows you well like your mom or another relative you spend a lot of time with, I had a twinge of this on and off in my life and I stayed in abusive relationships and allowed myself to be treated badly just because I was afraid of being alone, one of those relationships ended in pregnancy and then I stayed with him longer because I was terrified of having a baby on my own, he never hit me but he was very controlling and mean and verbally and emotionally abusive, he had me convinced that I would starve on the street without him, you are headed for the same situation if you stay in a relationship that you don’t want to be in, he may not abuse you but you will still suffer the same feelings because you will feel trapped and hopeless, you need to get some counseling and find out why you are codependent, in the meantime take some time to evaluate the relationship, the pros and the cons….Love Meg


    At 16 or at 36 you don’t need anyone. It is very important that you find out who you are and be able to function without someone else to lean on. If not you are going to find yourself in a relationship you are not happy in and feel very stuck as you do now as an adult. Take sometime and find you what do you like to do? What makes you tick? You have to find yourself before you can give anyone else all of you/love and get married.


    well thats mi story bt im only 14 and mi baby father is 17 and he told me to get an aboration mi mam,grandma,and other people.mi mama tryna take me to the aboration place rite nw bt just mad me do it one time bt im not doin it any more i made myself a promise bt ur nine monhs so u just should live ur life up and take care of ur babby at means and stay with the father no matta what just do it all fo the baby if not for u


    I know what you mean about being afraid to be alone, but believe me it’s better to be alone than to be with someone who doesn’t truly care about you but only about what you can give them (bet it sex or whatever).
    It’s especially hard to break with your first, but don’t let yourself stay in a bad relationship just because you want to be loved or needed.
    Sometimes it’s helpful to make a list of things you really want in a spouse… that way you can tell if you would be happy with your bf (and it can help you evaluate future boyfriends as well).

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