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    i’m 15 going on 16 in july… i posted this same message earlier.. but since i just joined i have no idea what i’m doing

    it was much longer before.. explaining everything that i’m feeling now.. but i just really need some advice….

    i’ve had unprotected sex this month with my boyfriend of 1year+2monthz+1week+2dayz….. i gave my virginity to him and didn’t regret it at all.. now i’ve missed my period… i was supposed to get it o5/o4 and today is o5/15… my parentsz hate him and think i broke up with him months ago… they hate his family and everything about him…

    they think i have no boyfriend at all and i’m not allowed to… he know’s i’ve missed.. and is very worried about it too… i took the E.P.T. test yesterday.. it was negative…

    a good friend of mine of about 30 something years old told us both that it may say negatvie for aout a month until it acutally says positive.. it’s not for sure…

    i want a way to find out for sure with no way of my mother knowing… i want to go to a teen clinic.. one where i wouldn’t have to be scared people would look at me weird because my bf and i are young. please send me some words of encouragment or help…. i really need it..

    suicide feels like the only way out if i am… i can’t disgrace my mother… that’s just what my dad is waitin for… he wants me to screw up to blame it on my mom…

    i’m hoping the missed period is just stress.. i’ve got alot of it now… PLEASE HELP… :unsure:


    suicide is not the way out of this someone told me once that if god brings you to it he will get you through it and always remember that so if you are pregnet god wants you to bring a new life in the world but if you arent then he doesnt think you need a child yet and you cant always worry about what other people think cuz you will get nowhere in life so this is what you need to do you need to make and appt. at the doctor and then take a test there to see if you are pregnet or not and if you are you really need to tell your mom just sit her down and tell her the truth about everything cuz strees is not good for the baby if you are pregnet i hope this helps keep me up to date about what happens ttyl bye bye god loves you sammy

    Mrs. Butterfly

    Hello, this is Mrs. Butterfly speaking. I wrote to you not too long ago. You might need to go back and read my reply. I was reneewishingonastar then. God will help you find the way out. Killing yourself is not the answer. If you need a friend I am always here. I am a member of this site. I come on here daily. I wrote a very special letter to you in your column " Help Confused and Worried". Fead it and write me back to let me know how you are doing. If I need to write to you everyday I will. Trust me.I will. If you don’t believe fat meat is greazy try me. I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! When someone tells me that they want to kill themself I take it very personally. :angry: This is no :laugh: matter. and please don’t :whistle: me off. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Mrs. Butterfly :kiss:
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    hey suicide isnt the way out. its a permant solution for a temporary problem…. an its selfish i shud kno all about it. well go to the clinic nd take a test there and w.e. they have u take there. and its all annoymous so u dont have to worry about ur parents finding out by them. well if u r what r u 2 planning on doing??? hey dont freak out about ur parents yeah they might be a little angry at first but then they’ll realize that need them so they’ll give u all their support. the decision is up to u…. and u do need to tell ur parents either way and dont lie about who the father is…. theres no use to it….. good luck….. i get to tell my mom the father was my sisters b.f.!!! i get to have fun w/ this one!!! well if u need anything else im here let me kno how it goes


    Your friend was right, hpt usually wont show a positive until you’re about a month along. They aren’t as sensitive as the doctors. Anywhere you go to get a test will be confidential because of the health information patient privacy act: HIPPA. But be prepared for it being positive. And if you are dont worry about your mom or you dad or anyone else except for you and your baby. If people blame your mom, you dont need them in your life anyways. You made the decision to have sex, not her. My parents were worried about their reputations when i found out i was pg. I was only 17, raised in a good christian family, and they figured people would lok down on them. Some did but my parents realized it didnt matter. I ws the one who made the choice, they did as much as they could, the rest was up to me. So if your father tries to blame your mom, tell him to back off. Let him know you take responsibility. And if he cant handle it too bad for him. If that is what is partialy stressing you out, you dont need it. Ans sweetie, dont ever think that suicide is the way out. If you think your dad will blame your mom for your pregnancy, who do you think he’ll blame if you die? And theres no joy at the end of that road. At least when you bring home that baby for the first time, they will see the happiness the future hold. I hope this helped. and if you ever need to talk i am here. Take care and let me know how it goes.




    Now I know you feel overwhelmed. Take one thing at a time find a starting point and work through your situation one step at a time. 1st thing… you have taken a pregnancy test and it was negative which probably means you are not pregnant. Home pregnancy test are 99% accurate and can detect pregnancy on the first day of your missed period. Since you took the test when your period was two weeks late and it came up negative then it means something else is keeping you from having you period. I also think you miss translated your 30 yr old friend’s advice. Women usually find out they are pregnant being 1 month along which is the first day of their missed period. You are well past that marker, if you were pregnant you would be about 6 weeks pregnant which is very detectable. If you are still not sure then go to the clinic and have a blood pregnancy test done to make sure that you are not pregnant. Now you are young and I remember as a teenager I had irregular periods, which is what you can be experiencing. Diet and exercise, rapid weight gain or loss can stop your cycle as well as STRESS. I feel stress is the culprit to the loss of your period because you are under alot of it. You are afraid of your parents and it’s O.K I know you have a horrible senerio play out in your head of what your parents will do to you if you became pregnant. I bet in real life it won’t come to play as bad as you think it will 🙂 If you were in trouble your parents will be the first ones to help you out. Now If your not pregnant you need to start having protected sex and be put on birth control. Remember when a door shuts on you….GOD opens a window. There is always hope. With much Love, Falon

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